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Was The Murder Of George Floyd Racism Or Something Else?


Updated 6-13-20

With the protesting and Terrorism going on based on the murder of George Floyd, I want to challenge the narrative that the corrupt MSM and the far left has placed on this murder from the beginning, especially since 99% of person in the country agree that this is murder.

This challenge is that this was really racism (or even more so the lie put forth that this was systemic racism).

Since we are a country based on innocent until proven guilty (despite woke liberal Millennials who want us to more have a Napoleonic system of just due to their lack of a good education IMHO), WHERE IS THE EVIDENCE OF RACISM HERE? It is well established that they worked together as bouncers and knew each other for some time, but where is there evidence that this murder was driven by racism based on comments, evidence, etc. at the time of the murder or previously.
Reference: Definition of Racism

What there is evidence for is that this cop had a history of issues, yet he still remained on the force, but less publicized by our corrupt news media is that this department had a murder of a white Australian woman a few years earlier by a Black Somali Minneapolis officer.
Also ignored by the corrupt media is that the Chief is also black, which my only point in this is if there was racism involved, why would a black Chief look the other way?????
Reference: Wikipedia; Shooting of Justine Damond

Shooting of Justine Damond, Minneapolis Police Department

Further evidence that the MSM charges of "Systemic Racism" are false:
*YouTube; What The Left Won’t Tell You About The Plight Of Black People And The Myth Of Systemic Racism by MRCTV
*YouTube; Candace Owens - I DO NOT support George Floyd and I refuse to see him as a martyr!

As well, this incidence in 2017 where Tony Timpa died in the same gruesome way (if not worse since there was no crowd that tried to help) is further proof that this was not race related, just rogue cop related. In fact with Tony Timpa, the officers escaped prosecution due to a corrupt judge. Where was the outcry here, certainly no racism?
*'You're gonna kill me!': Dallas police body cam footage reveals the final minutes of Tony Timpa's life

Officer Chauvin who is accused in the murder of Floyd, had 13 complaints since 2003, many for excessive force. And while some of these victims such as Ira Latrell Toles were black, most were not from what I was able to find out (any correction to this is welcome).
This again speaks to a cop with short fuse as other who knew have spoken out too, but not racism (although one person claimed that there was racial tension, but no proof was provided, it was clearly a "heresay" statement).

Where the focus should have been from the beginning instead of our corrupt media looking for just another way to divide us and take out Trump is to focus on how to weed out bad cops and deal with departments that allow this and look the other way such as the other officers who refused to intervene even as bystanders pleaded with them.
As well, why is the Minneapolis Chief not answering questions for his culpability in allowing this cop to keep his job based on many known issues?
Frankly the media response has been about as corrupt as it gets with the many questions they SHOULD BE ASKING, BUT ARE NOT!

I know from my life, that when our family was harmed by a predator, that eventually resulted in our sudden move to Oregon, we had to deal with authorities that would not look for the truth and just about as bad, persons with the ability to stop the violence against my family purposely chose to look the other way.

Sorry, I do not buy the line that "no lives matter until black lives matter" because this was NOT what this was about, despite the lies of the media and left that feed on people who are uniformed and refuse to look past memes and know even a little history.

Charge of Racism used as a tool by the left

Sadly this Terrorism based on the false charge of racism has killed more black men, so if we apply the liberal charge of racism they way they want it, the protesters are the ones guilty of racism.

Black persons killed in riots, terrorism in USA

As to "White Privilege" is often evoked too. While this certainly true many years back it is rare or often even the opposite. In fact a white person would have a lower chance of getting into college with an 'A' than a black person with a 'B'.
From my own experience, I was bullied as a child to the point I ran away from home and ended up in the hospital with a bleeding ulcer in the 6th grade. Later in life after authorities failed to help after the rape of my wife an threats made against my daughter, I was forced to leave everything I worked for behind and live in a 27' motor-home with a family of 5. Even to this date, I constantly have to defend my life's works articles on aquarium care as I am attacked weekly.
I know of another white person close to me that has equal if not worse struggles in life and is also white.
So you tell me where my white privilege is?

Finally, I would ask how I am responsible for the death of George Floyd as the tone of many protesters is. Who really responsible?
It is the City of Minneapolis and frankly those who voted for the current “blue” government there. This includes the Mayor and Police Chief (who happens to be black too) who have clearly looked the other way to systemic issues within this department.
To blame me for so called white privilege even though my life has been anything but or police in other cities/communities across the country is lazy at best, evil at its core.

Again this is not to underscore the death of George Floyd, but both the media and the so-called protesters are barking up the wrong tree which even remedial common sense should be able to detect.
I will also add as someone who went through a devastating event with my family, I was as much outraged by the other officers who looked the other way as Floyd was killed as I know in my families case, there were persons with the ability and even authority to stop this event before it got to the point it did with the rape of my wife and harm to my daughter, forcing us to move to protect our family.

If this does not represent every Muslim, 911

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