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Sorry Grants Pass Oregon, Collecting Bottles is NOT a Crime


Oregon Bottle Recycling

Sadly based on my daily collecting of bottles that I then turn in to the Oregon Bottle Drop Center here in Grants Pass and then use the 20% additional bonus to help with my weekly grocery bill, one would think it is illegal here in Grants Pass Oregon.

Besides the fact I am keeping trash that I find in public receptacles and along the roads from ending up in landfills or simply as trash along the highways, I am providing for my family and making up for shortfalls that my small business now faces due to the demise of the professional aquarium industry (in large part due to Amazon & Google).
Further References:
Buying Aquarium Products via Amazon (& Chewy, eBay)
American Aquarium Supplies & Information

This is not to say that I do not meet polite and respectful individuals and local businesses, but I've found that these are often in the minority here in Grants Pass Oregon.
What is interesting is I collected bottle/cans along with cardboard in Southern California many years back to help make up for shortfalls due to family emergencies (a very sick son and a predator that harmed my family). This was originally recommend by a friend who was a chef at a restaurant I took care of aquariums for. He actually used this money to help make a down payment for a home for a family.
During this time in Southern California, I met many persons and businesses who stopped me to talk and encourage me. I can think of two in particular that we became friends (Allen at a machine shop and Ian who was the park manager at an LA County Park).

Why the difference? Well in defense of many who are rude and act like I am committing a crime, I know that here, the majority of those collecting are homeless persons looking for money for their next alcohol or drug fix.
Back in Southern California, most of the others I met doing the same thing were like me or the chef/friend who suggested this as a method to work around regular work schedules and make extra money.

HOWEVER, this does not excuse poor treatment of me any more than it is OK to treat all men with contempt just because men commit more violent crime than women (there are many more example/analogies I can make as to making generalized accusations).
The facts are I often pick up trash as I go and ALWAYS leave any area I currently collecting cleaner than when I came by. So do NOT blame me for others making a mess!!!
Sadly many have been rude even acknowledged this yet still treated me with contempt!!

This does not also excuse the condescending way some will speak to me making excuses that they are only concerned that I might hurt myself by getting stuck by a needle (this was exemplified by a dishonest and condescending lady assistant manager at the Grants Pass 7-Eleven on 6th Street who clearly needs a business management education).
First, I am a big boy with a college business management education and decades of experience in management and well know the dangers and in fact only look at the top of any container for just this reason.
Second as this one lady when confronted with her fake concern then went on to say that they could be sued. Sorry, strike two as they would have to be careless intent. Someone could just as easy get stuck placing an empty container in their often full trash cans. Legal case example would be a hospital that is required to place "sharps" in containers and does not, then they are liable, but 7-Eleven is not responsible for what goes into their outside public containers.


On a positive note I will again note that there are some really nice people who encourage me with kind words or even save bottles for me.
A few business examples I want to thank:
* DJ's Bump & Paint
* 3 Boys Classic Towing And Auto Sales
* Hays Oil Co (F Street)
* Home Depot
* Safeway

Unfortunately there are many more businesses who either allow staff or encourage staff to treat me like I was the lowest of life forms for only trying to provide for my family.
Here are some of these businesses I will call out for this rude treatment:
*Fred Meyer
*7-Eleven (6th Street, very condescending lady assistant manager)
*C & D Short Stop Market
*Grants Pass Shopping Center
*Jiffy Lube
*Mill Street Car Wash
*Crater Car Wash
*Concierge Home and Business Watch
*Riverside Inn

Finally, let's get to the legality of this.
It is NOT illegal to pick up bottles along the road (like I do even in rural areas riding my bike often a considerable difference).
Nor is it illegal to pick up bottles in parks (although I ALWAYS respect other's space).
As well the Supreme Court of the USA ruled that it is legal to collect bottles in public areas (this does not include areas closed to the public or labeled "Employees/Staff only").

QUOTE from information provided to me many years back as to this Court Ruling (that covers the entire USA, not just California where the case started)
California v. Greenwood, 486 U.S. 35 (1988).
The Court believed it to be "common knowledge" that garbage left out in receptacles in public places* is readily accessible to "animals, children, scavengers, snoops and other members of the public."

*Legal Note:
"Receptacles in public places", while it may include general parking access of shopping centers or similar, it does NOT include areas marked employees, staff, etc. only.
As well, this constitutional right does not supersede laws such as litter laws, in other words making a mess while scavenging can be considered a violation of the law. Nor does this court decision protect an individual if they break loitering laws, impede ingress or egress of employees, patrons, etc., or if said individual acts in a manner that could endanger others around them.
Telling a customer they cannot pick up recyclables in a public parking (even if private property as long as it is open to the public) is no different than telling an African American to go to the back of the bus. Both are a violation of your Constitutional rights.

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