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Most of the subjects are based on reading and study and well as real life experiences (my field is aquarium and pond research and information as well as business)

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Social Justice Warriors, SJW, Trump

FORWARD: Let me start by explaining the title, as I am well aware that SJW pejorative term, however I have never seen as much hate as I have for any vote that I made than the one for Trump. I know of others, including in my industry who never voted Republican until Trump who have made similar statements.
So maybe if this title seems offensive (which it is not meant to be), it is just me finally fighting back at the many haters that accuse me of being a follower of some right wing BS. For those who know me, know that nothing could be further from the truth since I have often taken on those in my industry/hobby (professional aquarium/pond keeping) who in recent years believed and pushed many myths. If I was a follower, I would take the easy way out and fall in line with all the BS that has been spread by so many in Facebook Aquarium Groups and many YouTubers, this would make life so much easier.
Maybe you accusers should step back & realize that both you, Obama, and the media have failed to listen to persons such as myself and then realize that if you had done so earlier, you may not have had Trump as POTUS. While I may not have always agreed with Bill Clinton or his actions either, at least he attempted to listen to people (or so it appeared), while President Obama was very arrogant and chose to not listen to the struggles of many and only doubled down.
In the end, this post is not to change views, only to show that my views are based on life experiences.


To Social Justice Warriors who seem to think the world revolves around their world views all the while ignoring others who have struggled that do not fit their world view.
You seem to have so much hatred for Trump, you fail to realize he has addressed many of these problems others have faced that YOU have rudely ignored.
When you mock in manners that ignore what others have faced, in particular "slime on slime" celebrities such as Jimmy Kimmel, you are showing your hate and lack of compassion and further alienating others who have had faced problems that have been ignored for years by the media and others on the left.

  • Where were you when Obama through his executive orders, banned magnetic ballasts based on ill informed thinking that this will help with energy conservation.
    Facts are electronic ballasts do not last nearly as long, and more importantly will not provide the surge energy needed to fire High Output True UV Sterilizers.
    The result is this has killed the majority of premium UV Sterilizers that I have built my business around over the last few decades. This allowed the cheaper Chinese UVs to further dominate the market.

    These were also my most profitable item, with the result of huge losses for my business and ability to provide for m family.
    Trump has struck down this and many other ill informed regulations on business by Obama, but for this market, it was such a niche market, the companies have already either moved on or have shut down, so too late for me here.

    Further Reading:
    Aquarium/Pond UV Sterilizer Use | Facts & Information
    Aquarium/Pond UV Sterilizers | from AAP

    Other aspects of my industry as a whole has never recovered during Obama's time in office too.
    This is unlike EVERY other recession since I have been in the high end aquarium keeping industry (1977), as there was NEVER a real bounce back and in fact SKUs for such products have steadily decreased with many of such distributors!!!

    This has resulted me collecting bottles after hours where I further often get attacked by rude/hateful persons just for doing this so as to keep my staff and be able to still answer questions from aquarium/pond keepers (I should note that I pay staff out of my own pocket just to answer questions for free).

  • Where were you SJW when I am bullied for trying to help others with my decades of experience and research online and elsewhere.
    While I too certainly cannot lump everyone together, one thing I have noted throughout my life, going back to bullying as the result of a teacher standing me up in class and using me as an example of what a failure looks like, it was those who were and are most vocal that stood up for me. Kinda how Trump acts.

  • Where were you SJW when my wife was suffering from postpartum depression from the recent birth of my second daughter many years ago (& some difficulties/health issues) and found out she was carrying my unplanned son and sought counseling at Planned Parenthood.

    Planned Parenthood recommended she get an abortion without even considering her mental health (& yes, postpartum depression is a real disease that needed treatment, which she later got, not the quick fix of an abortion).
    WORSE YET is when I contacted them to cancel this, they refused to talk to me.
    Thankfully my mother in law as able to somehow stop this and I have a wonderful smart son who is now 19 as of writing this.

    Both Obama & Hillary support my taxes going to what I consider an evil murdering organization that tried to KILL/MURDER my son.
    Fine if you disagree, but respect why I cannot support persons who support my taxes going to this organization, any more than I think others should have their taxes go to organizations such as the NRA (which many also find offensive)

    While I will not give Trump a pass as for other women's issues, nor should we give Bill or Hillary a pass as has been done.
    For me the rights of my son to exist "trumps" Trump's locker room bull shit.


  • You, SJW, claim Trump only cares for the top 1%, yet his tax plan shows otherwise. Sorry that you do not understand that business is dynamic not static as our corrupt news media and lying celebrities will otherwise state.
    The facts I have seen this time and time again that when you allow business to keep more of what they have, they will invest more, including in staff as they grow. Remember a business works for their stockholders and just pocketing tax cuts does not grow a business.
    As well going as far back as the 80s, while working in an industry that deals in discretionary spending, is it IS the top earners that buy the products and service I have provided, and when they have a reason to spend, I benefit.
    This is a major reason I switched parties in the 80s

  • You claim that by Trump not supporting every aspect of the radical Climate Change movement that somehow he is destroying the environment. The facts are the science is not settled and this is not to say I do not believe that the climate is not changing, but many aspects of this are simply not reported, including the fact that higher CO2 levels improve crop yields worldwide, including in poor 3rd world countries.
    My job is here not to debate this, but to get you to open your eyes to other points of views and respectfully disagree instead of your hate based attacks that assumes I and others are simply "deniers".

    Please Read: The Climate Change Debate

    More importantly, where are you SJW as again small businesses such as mine pay carbon taxes every time we ship, while Amazon does not?
    It is difficult to compete when we pay as much as double the cost for shipping as Amazon

  • Social Justice Warriors, Amazon, Trump

  • Speaking of Amazon, where were/are you SJWs as Amazon along with Google destroys my industry and gets away with breaking DMCA laws, Black Hat SEO, manipulation of shipping companies at the expense of businesses such as mine.
    At least Trump has called them out (in particular of Amazon's abuse of USPS), but where was Obama as he accepted donations and supported these corrupt companies.

    Please Read:
    Purchasing Aquarium & Pond Equipment via Amazon
    Google IS Evil, Content Plagiarism, Aquarium Fish Searches

  • As for our standing around the world, I am tired of giving USA tax money to countries such as Pakistan that do as much to defeat our interests as help them.
    As far as I am concerned, standing up for Israel's right to name their own capital that has been such for 3000 years is the ultimate in standing up for bullying, especially when many in the world sides with evil IMHO.
    For this alone, Trump earned my vast respect, especially since I have often been the one at the losing end of bullying

  • Where were you SJWs when I did in fact lose my Doctor, was forced to pay much higher premiums, and much higher co-pays.
    The loss of the Doctor alone has allowed a cancer to spread, and ceased my Doctor fighting for me to get Social Security Disability for my Neuropathy.
    As well, I know many persons where the additional penalty tax (now ended under Trump) was adding to their financial struggles.

    This of course is not to say some were helped by ObamaCare, but for you and the media to ignore those that were hurt while attacking those attempting to speak for us is utterly disgusting.

    Frankly, I do not agree with ObamaCare, TrumpCare, or any plans put forth; I support a Universal plan (not what Bernie or other more socialist leaning politicians support).
    This plan is more in line with Australia (which Trump has noted that he likes, he just needs to get the Republican Congress on board, which there are too many very different views here, so I am not holding my breath).
    As I see it, this plan would add to Social Security taxes, and increase the cap. For persons under a certain tax table, this would be no cost for the very basic plan THAT ALL would be covered.
    One can add to this plan out of one's own pocket, similar to Medicare for more premium packages.

  • Trump a racist? Sorry his history, including as a Democrat and who he has associated with does not hold up in a court of law.
    Much of what has been used to make this point in his background is more him conducting business, often in an aggressive way (to which I do not totally agree myself), but this does not make him a racist.
    Nor do his supposed comments as to countries we should not let chain migration immigrants into this country from.
    Agree or disagree, he was speaking up for many as to putting the USA first. It is noteworthy since the dishonest media did not report that he did include Asian countries as those he would prefer more from (certainly not white).

    As per support by White Supremacists for Trump and/or some of his policies, this does not make him a racist/White Supremacist any more than the many Communists supporting Obama makes Obama a Communist (which he clearly was not, sorry to my libertarian friends who might disagree)

    In the end, this type of Ad Hominem and Red Herring logical fallacy and personal attacks is VERY personally insulting, as I am often attacked with similar arguments among liberal & libertarian aquarium keepers similarly for my in depth life's work and research into aquarium/pond keeping.

    I am accused of only promoting products or methods because I also might sell something here (which is an Ad Hominem attack) stating I am all about money.
    Sorry, my life's example of letting a large contract (the Bahooka Restaurant) go at a huge loss financially over protecting a staff member, taking huge losses just recently to keep staff as well as collecting bottles, along with copious other examples of where I have ALWAYS put people ahead of money show this liberal & conspiratorial libertarian attacks upon me to be total bullshit.

    So in the end, when similar bullshit attacks are made against someone who is finally fighting for my interests (whether he gives a rats ass or not about me personally does not matter), I find this deeply offensive of you so called Social Justice Warriors that simply prove in doing so that you yourself care NOTHING about me, my family, my friends, my staff, etc. and are all about your world view

    Example of an article and product for which these people attack me on and it is the "vocal" who actually speak up in my defense:
    Aquarium Lighting | Facts & Information
    AquaRay Lighting

  • Where were you SJW when my family was taken based on lies by a predator who harmed my wife and daughter and forced our move in the first place to live for 18 months in a small RV in hiding. The CPS & DHS acted outside of the constitution based on lies and liberal views that "it takes a village" and that the government knows more than I do. They looked at none of the facts, none of the police reports, spoke with none of the therapists before taking damaging actions.

    Please Read: DHS, DCS, CPS; Oregon, LA, Children Protective Service Abuse of Authority

Social Justice Warriors, SJW, Trump, Assumptions


I will add more to this post as it come to mind, but hopefully I make my point.
This point is NOT that one must agree with me and that my way of thinking is the right way, rather that others need to stop mocking and making hate filled statements as to why I should support someone that is FINALLY standing up for my interests, my family, and my support of what I feel are God's chosen people in Israel (readers sere certainly free to disagree here too, as this is simply my opinion).

If you disagree with the content, fine, but least do it respectfully and stop assuming I agree with your world views just as you should not be required to agree with my world views.
However it is mind boggling for me as to those that can read this, then tell me that I should not support Trump; this is telling me that I should not support someone who is in general taking actions and fix wrongs from the previous administration that will improve my business, family and what I see as important in this world.
A common tactic to shut me up is that Obama had to deal with an obstructionist Congress (like the Democrats and Deep State Republicans are not doing the same to Trump). This is a Red Herring argument, but I will answer it anyway. While I would agree that we need to find middle ground, if the other side refuses (a good example is the ACA), then who is really obstructionist?

Another social media comment I often have heard is I should be more open minded, if you as a reader believe this, again shows that you do not know me at all. After drifting to the right in my adult years, even my most liberal friends have stated I was one of the more open minded persons they met even though they disagreed with me.
As an Elder in the Presbyterian Church (a liberal church at that), I've never been accused of not being open minded and in fact quite the opposite (one liberal Elder appreciated my always being willing to listen and find middle ground). It is only on social media such accusations have gone forward, which speaks volumes about those who do so and even more so the dangers of Social Media itself since IMO, it has allowed extremes on both sides to legitimize themselves.

Sorry, but it is the definition of a SJW to make comments as to "how I sleep at night" or think I should support others who would continue the policies that have so hurt my family, business, view of how we should look at science critically, and more.
One could make the same statements as to "how one could sleep at night" while supporting a person who has so harmed many small businesses or supports taking my tax money to give to an organization that attempted to murder my son. HOWEVER this too would be wrong as this too is a logical fallacy and would be projecting my issues onto others.

Finally, just because I currently support Trump, it does NOT mean I agree with all his actions, past or present.
I certainly found his crude locker room talk from the Access Hollywood tape vulgar and something I do agree with nor would I or have ever spoken this way myself. This said, I do know personally of persons who have acted this way who have "come around".
As well, as a somewhat theological liberal, I do not agree with Trumps ban of transgender persons from the military.
I also think money for the border wall would be better spent on better and more beefed up border security (although a limited wall combined with beefed up border security works for me).

I also will not ignore the fact that there are SJWs on the right side of the aisle, including the likes of personalities such as Ben Shapiro who will moderate off any comments that only fit their view

Authored by Carl S.

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