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Dutch Brothers Review; Community Behavior


Is Dutch Brothers really the community minded company they have done such a wonderful job marketing themselves as?

As another Grants Pass business and community member who came here to escape a harmful person leaving literally EVERYTHING behind (this included my life savings due to bills that were incurred in the process), I would emphatically say NO!!

It is interesting that while any normal business desires to build a good image, Dutch Bros. seems to work at this almost too much, this includes their actions with the Grants Pass Youth Soccer league in how they came in and walked all over volunteers who have put in many hours prior to DB taking over.
In reality DB is a place run for and by the "beautiful people" who fit their narrow vision of the world. If you fit into this narrow view; GREAT and expect to be treated well and get donations!! If not, sucks to be you!

Dutch-luv, Dutch Brothers Review

Here is an anonymous comment from a friend I consulted as to his thoughts about Dutch Brothers:
"I Personally grew up with Dutch Bros around being that I was born in Grants Pass. My personal feeling is that there's a culture around the business and if you don't fit the mold, you're an outsider. Kinda like high school all over again.
Of late, DB has really been promoting giving back to the community. All about community… From what I've gathered and now seen after-the-fact, is that DB is all about community, but it's their community, not THE community. They feel they can do anything better than the community, because they have finances backing them. They are on a personal mission to make downtown Grants Pass better, what ever that better may be... They should stick to doing what they do best, which is make coffee.

They took the bank building over downtown, only to let everything die outside, because no one could manage to water. They took over the youth soccer league in town, claiming the community had a problem with the league, which was far from true considering they were the largest sports league in Oregon and was used as an example of success.
They wanted to give all these resources to the community, because they were “giving back”, but had to be in FULL CONTROL of the resources given.
They couldn't just donate to the existing league; they basically pushed and paid off anyone who got in their way of a complete take over. They claim it's all for the community, yet wipe out all other community sponsors of league and now they’re the sole sponsor. They take funds that were circulated to local businesses in the community and send them out of the community. They had no concept how the club was ran, only that they could do it better and clearly their mission is to make “winners”, not team players.

They put an image that our kids have to be a certain way, all the while dishing out caffeineated and sugary drinks. All their stands play music that allegedly promote drugs, sex, and violence, because it’s hip.
DB isn't about the community, it's about their community and anyone that goes up against them will just be met with unlimited resources and media love for them (not sure even Jesus could crack into their inner hip circle).
Many drink the kool-aid, so it's a battle that seems unlikely to make a dint in. The "community" company is just like any other large business like Amazon, Google... that push agenda they see best for them. Not the community. Unless you wear your hat backwards and have designer jeans that you pay extra to already have holes in them, good look being apart of the community."

Reference: ktvl.com/news/local/new-youth-soccer-club-opens-in-grants-pass

Back to my post:

Even during our communities "back to the 50s event" the 6th st. Dutch Bros. was playing their music so loud they were drowning out the music on the stage near their location ruining the experience for those trying to enjoy this event and would rather not listen to their obnoxious music.

Look at photos that circulated in social media showing staff praying over someone going through a difficult time in their life. While I will admit I believed this and still have no evidence to prove this is fake, after my own experience with Dutch Bros. I have to question this, since they have been extremely disrespectful to me while trying to financial recover and pay my recent cancer surgery bills (which they clearly showed absolutely ZERO compassion toward).

Dutch Bros review, praying with customer, fake or real

For me, I moved to Grants Pass in late 2002 leaving literally everything behind and using all savings, home sale, etc. to pay off debts incurred for medical bills for my son (who was very sickly for his first year of life) as well as huge losses incurred by a predator who took advantage of my wife & daughter (including rape) during this time making threats of further harm forcing us to literally leave quickly to be near family here.
I slowly rebuilt my business over time, in part by collecting recyclables after work day & night.
Unfortunately due to unchecked actions by Amazon, as well as policies of our Federal government, our profit margin evaporated forcing me once again to use recycling as a well to keep ahead, especially after my recent medical bills including a large squamous cell cancer surgery in my head, and melanoma removal too.

Most people are respectful and kind (often giving me their recyclables or simply praying with me). However, there have been some rude people too (sadly usually younger age) who feel I am some sort of less than human person.
This in fact is now three times I have been treated by staff at Dutch Bros. What is worse is these were not just rogue employees, as Dutch Bros has actually defended their actions.
Corporate has also lied about speaking to staff even according to the disrespectful staff member as she stated there was no such conversation.

In the most recent interaction, I was on 6th Ave. sidewalk when this young lady shouted across the parking lot and moved quickly to intercept me, and then repeated the disrespectful diatribe, not giving a crap what I had to say or my story.
This made a minor scene and one patron even shook her head as she left the parking lot and said "sorry" to me (not like it was her fault as a patron, I guess she was simply embarrassed by this young ladies actions).
Frankly, I was taught to be respectful to others, especially my elders, but it is obvious this young lady (Danielle) and her employers were not raised with such manners.
Honestly, if I was some hulky 20 something year old instead of a scrawny 58 year old who has been fighting health issues, I guarantee you should would have never addressed me this way

I noted this recent interaction with Dutch Bros corporate (who had earlier lied about stating this was taken care of) and here's their unbelievable and insulting response:
"I have spoken to our regional managers and the management at that location. We have spoken to the staff and believe that they are providing the service that we strive for. We apologize you feel differently. It may be best that you visit a different location."

All I can say is WOW!!
So, having your staff shout across a parking lot then leave customers just to disrespect me is OK? And then to tell me I cannot ride my bike down 6th st., who do they think they are???

Another friend (whom I will also not name) that worked at one time a while back told me she found that while a great place to work, you MUST follow the "Dutch Bros way", which she found was a different world view than hers (she was more conservative Christian) and in the end made for a difficult place to work even though she otherwise fits the beautiful/charismatic people image they generally hire (which by the way I am not complaining about, as this is smart marketing as per the beautiful/charismatic people image).
This is similar to how Google has a similar culture of "thought police". At least to DBs credit, they did not fire her like Google did with their non compliant staff member.
Reference: Truth Is a Hate Crime: Google Fires Employee That Sent Out Email Calling For ‘Viewpoint Diversity’

UPDATE 9/14/17
Stat software shows That DB headquarters read this.
Their response?
Clean up the bank lot that my friend noted in her/his contribution.
This further proves that IMAGE is what Dutch Bros is all about, not respect for individuals as nothing was done to correct this much more serious issue.
What a shame!!

In closing, if you are interested in an organization that is not just smoke & mirrors (similar to Facebook's & Google's marketing & intolerance for differing views), but truly cares about individuals in their community treating them with respect, Dutch Bros. is NOT for you.
At least consider cutting back your visits and making your own coffee once and while instead of constantly giving your hard earned money to this company.

If you could care less, please go ahead and enjoy their excellent beverages, obnoxious music, & get your caffeine/sugar high that DB peddles!

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