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Oregon Rep. Earl Blumenauer, Anti-Semitic or maybe Nazi?


Oregon Representative Earl Blumenauer Anti-Semitic or maybe NaziWith the speech by Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu, one Democrat arose from the ashes of distortion and hate, and sadly he is from my home state of Oregon!

There is this by Earl Blumenauer about Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu's speech to the joint session of congress on March 3 2015:

"I frankly am quite distressed," Blumenauer told host Marc Lamont-Hill on HuffPost Live Monday. "I think Netanyahu has proven to have spectacular bad judgment. Remember, he was cheerleading with [former Vice President] Dick Cheney for the Iraq war, which he thought was such a great idea, leading us into the worst foreign policy disaster in American history and we're still paying the price for it."
Reference: Rep. Earl Blumenauer: Netanyahu Addressing Congress Is 'Outrageous On Several Levels'

Since he feels this was an example of bad judgment, Rep. Earl Blumenauer should be reminded that even Clinton was aware of the issues and possible WMDs at Sadam Hussein's disposal. As well we along with the United Nation had drawn a line in the sand many times while Sadam Hussein stepped right across this line.
Would the anti-semite Blumenauer tell his children no continually and not have any repercussions? Words mean nothing if no action is never taken.
What if these WMDs DID exist in Iraq (some intelligence suggested they were moved to Syria) and he used these against Israel? This is not something you want to be wrong about just as with Iran!!!!

Here is a CBS Face the Nation video where Rep. Earl Blumenauer's accusation of "spectacular bad judgment" is blown apart by Netanyahu himself.

Representative Earl Blumenauer's reason for boycotting the speech by Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu stated that the Constitution “vests the responsibility for foreign affairs in the president.”

Sorry pal, it does not, as issues of foreign affairs are split between the legislative branch and executive branch. This guy needs to stop making things up, but that unfortunately has been my experience with the liberal way, especially in dealing with aquarium keepers from Portland Oregon which he represents.
Reference: Wikipedia; Article Two of the United States Constitution

Hamas'54 Democratic Congressmen

In the above cited reference we have Oregon Rep. Earl Blumenauer siding with a letter asking Israel open its border with Gaza, which is exactly what Hamas would like to make it easier to make terrorist attacks on Israel.

Clearly Rep. Earl Blumenauer is attempting to hide his real issues, and that is anti-Israel/anti-semitic!!!

In the next reference the author calls Rep. Earl Blumenauer out further, as Nazi! While I do not know this, I have to admit his actions certainly speak to this!!

"Oregon Nazi" Blumenauer Takes Credit for T4 Plan"
In the above cited reference we have Representative Earl Blumenauer introducing the end-of-life counseling provision (Section 1233) into the original ObamaCare health care bill.
Blumenauer is an outspoken proponent of euthanasia, including physician-assisted suicide. He is an active supporter of euthanasia, and has been instrumental in making his home state, Oregon, one of the two in the country which has legalized physician-assisted suicide.

What is comes down to if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then must be a duck! Ditto Rep. Earl Blumenauer's anti-Israel and other positions.

In conclusion, as an Orgonian I find this man deeply offensive that he represents my state in the United States Congress (House of Representatives).
He clearly shows why I can no longer vote as a Democrat as he seems to like to side with evil, as many who were also from the left that nearly destroyed my family by looking the other way when evil was present.

Further Reading:

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Here is my personal Bio (which explains why I have such a low opinion of persons who allegedly side with evil such as Oregon Rep. Earl Blumenauer:
Carl Strohmeyer Biography

Here is an example of an aquarium forum that is cited by the aquarium keepers in Portanland that is a good example of what I am up against professionally:
Reef Central Review; the Mr. Burns of Aquarium Forums

I might note that when I look up names of those who are rude, use the personal attacks rather than look at the facts, I have found that 85% have Facebook pages, references on Google that show these persons are clearly liberal, hence why I used the above cited example to further explain my frustration with persons of Rep. arl Blumenauer's ilk!

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Blogger Unknown said...

If I were Earl Blumenauer, I would take offense at seeing a swastika on my forehead. The man is Jewish, after all.

11:57 AM  
Blogger Fish Man said...

I think calling out about this picture, which I am guessing had a swastika on his forehead is simply looking for a distraction from the real issue, and that is this man [Blumenauer ] clearly has shown little integrity with his most recent comments as well as past actions.
Netanyahu's speech was what a leader should be and the faults Mr. Blumenauer found in it were well off the mark with factual history taking a hit as well

That said it is wise to use a normal picture, why give those such as Raphael a reasons to distract from the truths of this blog post and that is this man HAS shown his hatred for Israel.

I just hope this world is not going down the path where persons such as Raphael make excuses while evil is in our midst, this is just sickening

4:54 PM  
Blogger Carl said...

I am not the one to accuse him of this. Regardless his contemptible anti-Israel comments certainly speak for themselves.
Beside there were plenty of Jewish collaborators during the holocaust.

As well the things that I too was accused of by liberal agencies such as CPS based on lies by a predator were just as bad, and I never made these kinds of statement

“The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing”

That said, you are correct, as I am stooping to his level by placing this on his forehead

It is removed

8:11 AM  

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