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Dennis Linthicum for Congress; Just Say NO to Greg Walden


Updated 7-30-14

Dennis Linthicum for Congress, Just Say NO to Greg Walden

Oregonians in the 2nd congressional district finally have a REAL choice when it comes to getting rid of RINO and uncompassionate Republican Greg Walden.

We have given Greg Walden 16 years, and 16 years too long for this so-called Republican who gets a failing grade from many conservative watchdog groups such as Freedom Works who gave Walden an F.

My personal experience with Greg Walden is the main reason I have not given to the Republican Party for many years, only individual candidates.
During a difficult time in our families life, after paying into the system in the $100s of thousands of $ in taxes, I was denied Food Stamps (the Oregon Trail card) even though we were well under the poverty level for a family of 5. I found out the problem is the Federal Food Stamps program only allows for an over all cost of goods and expenses deduction of 50% from sales, which our family business that we were in the process of re-building since our move here in December 2002 only had a profit of about 7% after COG and expenses.

I was put in contact with Greg Walden's office by DHS to further assist me.
Greg Walden's office, in explaining to me, told me that I need to know more about accounting (even though I got nothing less than an ‘A’ in high school or college accounting)!!! I requested a call back or email back from his office in response to this disgusting comment in the phone conversation, but it never was forth coming.


This is exactly why some conservatives feel the need to call themselves compassionate conservatives when in fact being a true conservative should make one compassionate as per Luke 10:25-37.
Greg Walden certainly helps reinforce the stereotype of the stodgy Republican such as "Mr. Potter" from "Its a Wonderful Life"; do we want to continue this stereotype by sending this man back to Washington for 2 more years!!!

Please view this video about Greg Waldens voting record:

To support or read more about Dennis Linthicum:
Dennis Linthicum for Congress, 2nd District, Oregon

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UPDATE 7-30-14

With Greg Walden's unfortunate victory last Spring, we are once again faced with poor choices in the fall.
What is interesting is I was recently polled by telephone where by the pollster asked loaded questions attempting to cover up Greg Walden's horrible record and clear contempt for those he purports to represent.

This poll was such a sham, but it also shows the lengths this shady man will go to keep his butt in Washington DC.

Worse yet, I wrote his office a couple months ago (shortly after the primary), and then called.
Neither call or email has yet to get a response to what Greg Walden intends to do about the clear monopoly Google and Amazon have in their sectors of the Internet that is destroying small businesses and blocking consumers from as many choices, including correct information.

Amazon & Google in Bed, Black Hat SEO; Search & Adwords Dishonesty

Based on this lack of response, shady poll, and his past record, I will vote Democrat this fall and recommend any other honest person do what they can to throw this man out of office. I think if the Democrat candidate turns out to be worse (which is hard to imagine), I think this relatively conservative Congressional District should have little trouble getting Aelea Christofferson out of office in favor of a true conservative Republican, not the the dispassionate rude excuse for a RINO that Walden is.

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