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Is Vladimir Putin the new Stalin? How to Stop his Evil


Is Vladimir Putin the new Stalin

An honest person would be hard pressed to not make some comparisons of Vladimir Putin to Stalin, and not just for his invasion of the Ukraine.

Picture Credit: Putin- Stalin by Kemo


Here are just a few of this man's evils:

  • Putin has resurrected the Stalin era labor medal introduced under Josef Stalin.

    Russia's Putin restores Stalin-era labor award

  • Putin wants to “cleanse” Russia of gays.

    While many even in the USA (myself included) might have differing views of the morals homosexuality, we have no leaders, Democrat, Republican etc. that would ever propose "cleansing" the country of gays. That would be no different than cleansing a country of other acts some may consider a sin; from adultery, to lying, to coveting (our own leader would be "taken away" if lying was made a crime)

  • Manipulation of Russian laws to become President again for a 3rd term, except this time for 6 years.

    Vladimir Putin has in essence been in power since 2000 when one counts his "tandemocracy" with Dmitry Medvedev from 2008 to 2012.
    In reality this makes Vladimir Putin a Dictator!!

  • Putin is backing Assad's blood-soaked Syrian regime

  • Vladimir Putin stated in 2005, that the collapse of the Soviet empire “was the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the century”

    WOW, that says a lot about the this man and his evil intentions!!!

  • While am certainly not making excuses for Vladimir Putin, at least he can make the claim that the mostly Russian population of Crimea. This still does not give him the right when no threats have been made by the government of the Ukraine or its population towards either Russia or the Crimea region of the Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin 666I could go on and likely I will add to the above list, but the other main point of this article is to point out the simple economic fact that Vladimir Putin's Russia maintains his power via oil (Petroleum).
If the price of oil were to collapse, the economic source of Vladimir Putin and his evil intentions would bankrupt him and then hopefully force this bastard from power where he will hopefully live out his years somewhere in Siberia until he joins Stalin and Hitler after death.

While readers of this website certainly know I am no fan of our USA President Obama, he certainly is no Putin, and he can at least somewhat redeem himself by telling the environmentalists in this country to take a hike and finally places humans first by allowing the Keystone Pipeline to be finished as well as opening up more drilling with modern technologies in places such as the North Coast of Alaska and the coast of California (among many other locations).

Currently, both Russia and the United States produce about 10 million barrels of oil per day and something close to 25 trillion cubic feet of natural gas per day.
In Russia, 52% of the total federal budget came from selling oil and natural gas. Reference: Russia using oil wealth to finance nuclear exports

What is also noteworthy is that Russia's economy had a pretty bad 2013 but for the oil industry.
Russia's Oil Industry Is Doing Fine, Which Is Great News For The Kremlin

Meanwhile, the USA and Canada potentially hold the worlds largest oil reserves, which if tapped in greater quantity would drive down oil prices worldwide and allow North America to supply more oil to Europe and elsewhere so as to cut the head off the monster. aka Putin

Obama Mocking Romney With This Comment About Russia During A 2012

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