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Google Adwords Manipulation of Results; Failure in Advertising


Once again I have caught Google with their proverbial "hands in the cookie jar"

In this instance, I was adding a new campaign for the TMC AquaRay LEDs, in part due to poor Google organic search results.

I was forced to bid $1.50 per phrase to just make it on page one when in reality this is a very specific term with no true USA competition.

Why $1.50 one might ask?
I found out that my Ad "relevance score" was low according to Google's Adwords algorithm.

How is this when the key word prase was [TMC Aquaray] and the page has this clearly on the landing page. As well since my website is the ONLY full line USA seller of all the latest TMC Aquaray models with the most information, as well as the most authority on this subject, this is laughable at best and fraud and manipulation at worst!!!

What makes this worse is the fact I am not bidding against ANY seller of AquaRay LED lights. Rather when I lower my bid below $1.50, the result is instead "TMC Aquaray on eBay".
But wait, TMC does not allow their products one eBay or Amazon, so what happens when we click there?
Well readers, the result is a page with of course no results and just more Adwords. So in the end I am bidding against Google Adwords themselves, and the bid is forced higher because of this fictitious relevancy score that of course anyone with an IQ above 1 can tell is incorrect.

These two screen shots tell the story, the first is what you see on a search of [TMC Aquray] when my bid is set low, the second is what you see when one clicks on this Adword from Google.

Google Adwords Manipulation

Google Adwords Manipulation, eBay result

Of course one might ask why even bother advertising on Google?

First we spend but a fraction of what we used to with Google Adwords, and even less when it is looked at a percentage of our sales.
However, since Google controls over 70% of internet search results, not having at least some presence on Google can be fool hardy.
What is sad, is due to very high per click charges on many Google Ad campaigns we have run of late, the conversion of sales from the cost of advertising is the worse of ANY advertising from Television, to Newspaper, etc. that I have had since being in business dating back to 1978, and by a wide margin I might add!!

What is so disgusting in my opinion is because of Google's monopoly that our dear friends in the liberal government conveniently look the other way from (Google is one of the top political contributors to liberal causes, including Obama himself), I and others are forced to "Hire" this failure of an advertising company that Google is!!

And YES, Google is an advertising company since more than 90% of profits are from advertising, NOT android phones or all the freebie services Google uses as bait.

If this were 1985 and Google was not a monopoly, they would be out of business faster than you could say "GOOGLE" for such terrible advertising results!!
BUT since they have a monopoly while Obama and Rino Republicans such as Greg Walden look the other way, they get away with such horrible advertising results where alleged fraud and result manipulation are used as a cover to drive in even more profits for this disgusting and despicable company that the news media so loves and adores and also never calls into account!

Another clear issue that is also obvious here is the fact that Google is the ONLY search engine that gets the search WRONG organically (likely to further drive in Adwords $$$).

As noted earlier, my web page for TMC Aquarium LED is the ONLY complete, authorized/authoritative, original, selling this product in the USA!!
Yet Google has other sites higher in search, whether out of this country or worse, one that is only selling a few out of date TMC AquaRay products with no authoritative support to back up their website.
Is this a good user experience Google?
Of course not, but that is what you get with one of the most incompetent persons running Google search in Matt Cutts. I would argue that he is a liar as well, but since I do not know the man, I can only judge his results, which are clearly those of incompetence at the very least.
One also has to wonder about this man and Google in general, when they put forth a "webmasters" tool to report spam, and clearly spammy and factually wrong results remain, so this clearly is just a gimmick or publicity stunt to make Google look like they care about search results when obviously they do not.


TMC AquaRay Lighting; the only authoritative USA web site

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Blogger Unknown said...

I absolutely couldn't agree more with your comment!

6:55 AM  
Blogger AEHageman said...

YOu can see my example of a really bad SERP and the keywords "engineer Hat" and "engineer hats"
View more concerning why google serps suck? at

Was surprised to see that Carl is supporting Google through use of the Google search on his site.


4:30 PM  
Blogger Carl said...

Justin; I removed the Google Search Bar from my web site 2 years ago and traffic and sales went down, more importantly Bing ceased support for a similar bar.
The problem is when you play in the playground with the 700 pound gorilla (aka the Internet), you have have to give the gorilla some of your lunch money.

One thing I did differently with my web site this time is I was able to purchase a search bar without Ads

6:01 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

What is the point of a search engine if it does not show what you ask for ? I KNOW THAT I WILL NOT GET AN ANSWER TO THIS BUT I WILL POST IT ANYWAY ! !

9:04 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

If you cant find what you are looking for in the organic results, you are going to click the AdWords box, so in turn Google gets revenue. And because you cant find what you are looking for in the organic results, us lot, as businesses, have to use Google AdWords to get our message out. Googles aim since 2009 has been to make it extremely difficult for small businesses to rank well on Google, so they can increase their revenues.

9:27 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

I think that you wrote "Another clear issue that is also obvious here is the fact that Google is the ONLY search engine that gets the search WRONG organically" is the crucial point. Thanks for this great informative article.
Google adwords consultant

2:55 AM  

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