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Reasons Obama Beat Romney; News Media, what it means


Stephanopoulos to Obama, what lies to tell the sheeple

With the re-election of Barack Obama, who is arguably the worst president in US history when looked at via the U.S. Constitution and his policy results,; the media now asks where the Republicans went wrong and what they need to fix.

This immediately begs the question when Obama won only by a razor thin margin and even then he (Obama) lost big in much of "Middle America": Why was this question not asked of Democrats by the media after there much larger loss in 2010??

Republicans certainly need to correct things such as giving Karl Rove the boot and insisting that candidates step down after idiotic comments. Todd Akin should have shown some integrity/humility and stepped down after his comments.

That said, the few candidates that let their pride go before the better of the Nation, this still likely would not have helped Romney as per any credible proof.
I also doubt Romney running a more aggressive campaign similar to Obama's likely would not have helped, and even if it did; why should Romney stoop to Obama's level??

Let me now give fact based reasons as to why Romney lost and primarily let the reader draw conclusions as to how to fix this (there is no easy fix in my opinion).

  • By far and away the main reason Romney lost is the extremely dishonest news media that only will show minor gaffe's by Romney, while ignoring Obamas.

    As well totally running cover for Obama on the 9/11/12 Benghazi attack, where Obama and his minions have covered up their failure and likely the blood of four persons on their hands. I have read/seen nothing in the main stream media about the father's of two Navy Seals who have been given the "brush off" by Obama & Biden about this issue
    If this were a Republican president (say George W Bush), the media would be screaming for impeachment!!

    The dishonest media and left wing bloggers also continue to run with the line of that the Republican Party is becoming insignificant.
    HOW IS THIS? When Obama won by only a very small percentage (much less than in 2008) and while the House lost a few seats for Republicans, the fact is the Republicans still hold a comfortable majority.
    As well, a point rarely noted in the news is the FACT that State Governorships gained a Republican Governor and the current status (as per Wikipedia) is: 30 Republicans, 19 Democrats, & 1 Independent!!

    The dishonest news media also loves to carry on about California's "Super Majority" in its State Legislature and how this is proof of the Republicans alienation of Latino voters?
    I then ask, what about Texas which has just as large a Latino population???
    I would also note that I have a good friend in California who happens to be Latino that stated to me that their is plenty of Latino support for Republicans in the Central Valley where he lives. The problem is the elitist liberal vote in the coastal areas that has made California the lost cause is has become.

    I could go on, but their is so much documentation of the Medias Dishonesty, that only someone who truly believes good is evil and evil is good could believe otherwise.

  • The previous comment feeds into my next point; and that is many persons simply DO truly believe good is evil and evil is good.
    How else can you explain persons who would actually think Romney was a bad and immoral man when in fact this man spent more time in person and with large percentages of his money helping others than any candidate (Republican or Democrat)in modern history.

    From: Romney Too Busy Helping the Needy to Project “Nice” Guy Image
    For four years during the 1980s, Romney served as bishop of his church in Belmont, Massachusetts. In spite of his privileged background, Romney happily trotted out into the community to visit the sick, lead youth groups, counsel troubled couples, and help juvenile delinquents. In a Los Angeles Times report, friends recall Romney “showing up with a ladder to fix broken lights in homes. He once directed traffic in the midst of a blizzard on a highway, covered in snow and ice, so a church funeral procession could reach a cemetery.”

    Much of this can be again blamed on the media for their never reporting these facts (failure by omission), but this also comes down to the electorate for failing to do their homework and instead believing the bull#!?# passed around in the main stream news and social media.

  • A simple lack of understand of economics and business.

    When persons think we can tax those investing in growth for everything, we are doomed.

    Sadly in exit polls, most persons STILL believe Bush is to blame for this economy. The facts are this current economic slide began after the Democrats took control of both houses of Congress.
    As well, financial institutions were forced to make loans to low income persons by a bill passed by President Clinton, this came back to bite us in the a## in the late 2000s.
    Certainly Bush made mistakes too (as well as dishonest financial institutions such as Bank of America), but to place most of the blame on Bush for mistakes made by Obama, a Democratic Congress, and Bill Clinton is pure economic ignorance at its worst!

  • We have too many persons simply on the dole.

    Romney won the upper income and middle income brackets, Obama ONLY won the lower income brackets and then by a wide margin.

    This fact is going to be even more difficult to fix in the next election as this is one thing Obama did right, similar to FDR in the 1936 election and unlike Carter in 1980; and that is greatly expand the welfare state. Once persons get free "Obama Phones" and more, it gets increasingly difficult to wean them from these goodies.

    ObamaCare once fully implemented will also be very difficult to fix, and sadly this probably is now a lost cause.
    I will say here the Republicans do have some blame as most Americans wanted some kind of fix and one was needed, but the Republicans dropped the ball on this one and opened the door for Obama.

    Many insurance companies and their dishonest policies share blame too, but I still trust most of these companies over the Federal Government much in the same way I have found of the two shippers our company uses.
    Between FedEx and the USPS, while FedEx can occasionally be difficult to deal with when it comes to honoring their claims, the USPS is nowhere to be found when it comes to honoring claims, and that IS how Obama Care will be!!

  • Our education system is also partly to blame
    When the vast majority of young voters think Obama is just one rung short of the messiah; besides parents and the media; who else is to blame?

    A sad fact is most persons still think we need to spend more on education when in fact throwing more and more money will not fix the education system. States such as Utah spend less than most states yet Utah has some of the best results.

    The teacher unions clearly have too much power. I can speak from personal experience, that while the majority of teachers might be doing a good job, there are also poor to down right evil teachers that the current tenure system protects.
    I personally had a teacher that made sure the entire class knew "I would be a failure", this label haunted me for the rest of my school days and I know of other teachers who later told me they could not believe this teacher was allowed to finish her career.

  • Too many persons think Government is their Daddy and are willing to hand over Constitutional rights for to the government.

    Examples of government agencies that we really need to honestly include the Dept. of Education and the many Departments of Human Services (DHS, CPS, etc.).

    I can tell readers from experience, and emails/comments I still receive for a blog post I made about DHS clearly show these agencies are simply "out of control" ignoring constitutional rights and believing sociopaths/predators rather than the facts.

    Before readers think I am getting too far a field, I know from speaking to others that most persons simply do not care about the families these agencies destroy, and vote for persons such as Obama who agree with keeping these agencies.
    A few generations back, any political party that supported these agencies would have been "tarred and feathered".

    The bottom line is until the general public stops looking for the government to be savior for every aspect of life, from disaster relief to DHS, the Republican party is going to struggle.
    HOWEVER this still may a winning issue for any Republican with the "balls" to stand up and call these destructive agencies out!! I know from comments & emails, that many if not most persons negatively affected by these many government "daddy" agencies are Democrats or normally vote Democrat.
    These persons are certainly "ripe" for the picking once they realize that TRUE conservatives do NOT support these government agencies that has harmed them and sought to destroy their families by acting outside the constitution of the USA!!!

  • Too many Republicans simply did not vote

    Republican vote for Romney was actually lower than with the 2008 election for McCain.
    Romeny was much closer in the popular vote than McCain, which means this was due to a much higher Independent vote and even Democrat crossover than in 2008.

    Many Evangelicals either did not turn out or did not vote for president (because Romney was a Mormon?)

    Worse was the Catholic vote which actually went for Obama!!

    See: Most Catholics vote for Obama

    This is/was a sad statement when you consider Obama's extreme anti-Christian values views, especially when it comes to the attacks on the Catholic Church via his policies and supporters!!!!!


I honestly do not have a clear answer other than education of the public and finding a way utilize this proverb:
“Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime” Overcoming the mainstream media and the garbage the entertainment community dumps on our society is going to be VERY difficult.
I thank the Lord for radio shows such as Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh, but I fear that most of the time they are simply preaching to the choir.

As I noted earlier, I believe calling out the lack of constitutional authority many government agencies have by using real life examples could also be a way to convert persons away from Democrat big government views.

Liberal Democrats have been smart by slowly injecting their socialist policies into our laws, way or life, etc. The Republicans (actually Conservatives) need to be equally or even more smart in fighting back.
But alas, conservatives often are not happy with just a slice of the pie, rather they want the whole pie and are then doomed to loose!

The 2012 election (as well as the 2010 Nevada Senatorial race) was proof of my last comment.
As we had persons such as Todd Akin proving my point or persons who simply did not vote because Romney was "Not Conservative enough".

I personally am no longer watching ABC Good Morning America and will occasionally still check in and note who is sponsoring ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, etc news and keep this in mind for future purchases. However, I honestly doubt that this will have too much impact (if any), but who knows if more persons were to join in on such boycotts?

Another thought is while most conservatives I know follow Biblical principles to give or help in private, not with a "look at me" attitude; I have to wonder if maybe the next time that say we go to someones home to bring a meal, we leave a card or something similar to at least let persons know "who" is helping them.

Another Biblical principle those who think Conservatives should abandon their principles should think about comes from Ecclesiastes 10:2-3:
2 The heart of the wise inclines to the right,
but the heart of the fool to the left.
3 Even as fools walk along the road,
they lack sense
and show everyone how stupid they are.

Speaking of Biblical principles; simply educating Catholics about who Obama, Reid and others of their ilk are about IS A MUST!
Evangelicals who chose not to vote also need to park their theological differences with persons such as Romney; Do you Evangelicals really think Romney has less character than Obama and who would have likely stood up for Christian valuesa???

Finally, how this election will affect me personally:

For one with the promised changes in tax code and implementation of Obama Care (which has already cost me $120 per month), I expect to pay at least $4000 more per year of which I had to cash out my life insurance last year to pay bills.

Worse I expect this hatred of anyone who has something; in my case a small business to get worse. Me and my staff have documented that 85% of hateful, rude, or simply demanding emails, phone calls, & comments to our business come from persons with Liberal views (we find this information via internet searches, Facebook etc., and approximately 50% of the time any such information is available, so who knows about the other 50%).

By Carl Strohmeyer

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