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PolitiFact; Dishonesty, Lies Exposed; Including ObamaCare, Kitzhaber


Updated 4/2/18

PolitiFact, Dishonesty, Lies Exposed

Many liberal media outlets such as NBC love to quote PolitiFact.com as if this organization are the Gods of what is fact or fiction. Just who is Politifact?
From Wikipedia: "Politifact.Com is a project operated by the Tampa Bay Times, in which reporters and editors from the Times and affiliated media outlets "fact-check statements by members of Congress, the White House, lobbyists and interest groups."

This is the same as letting the fox guard the henhouse!!!!
Do you want to trust the media to police the media? The facts are trust in the media is at an all time high as of September of 2012.
Source: http://www.gallup.com/poll/157589/distrust-media-hits-new-high.aspx

Many of PolitiFact.coms so called fact checking only requires common sense to realize it is total BS (such as their so-called fact checking on the man caused Global Warming debate has no critical thinking nor even the most remedial understanding of the scientific process and the FACT science is NOT a vote)!!

A recent article by PolitiFact as to Trump's comments about Amazon showed again selective journalism, calling out Trump where he made inflated or incorrect claims as to Amazon, but missing and failing to dig deeper as to how Amazon is in fact abusing USPS, UPS, & FedEx to the detriment to small & medium sized businesses who then subsidize Amazon low shipping rates. PolitiFact also clearly has done no footwork as to how many small businesses have been hurt by Amazon and how this long term kills innovation and hurts the customer long term.
Further Reading (that PolitiFact failed to source): Buying Aquarium Products via Amazon

A good example is "Romney says Obama cut $716 billion from Medicare".
The facts are as a business person when you tell a business, whether it be a medical center, medical practice, or any business that you are going to offer a lesser amount than it is worth conducting business, they are going to tell you to take a hike!
Try going into you local Walmart and offering $500 for a $700 television and see how this goes!!

Since PolitiFact.com is made up of journalists that likely have no real business experience, they also do not likely realize that there are a finite supply of Doctors and other health providers, and by offering less to these professionals you are encouraging many to take and early retirement and discouraging others from spending the many $$ in education to go into this profession if the government is going to dictate what they get paid.

I will note a few other false Politifact.Com assertions, of which most only require common sense to refute

  • In a ranking of governors, Politifact rated Walker as the #1 most dishonest governor in America while Oregon governor John Kitzhaber led the nation in honesty with 100% of his statements being ranked true or mostly true

    While I will admit that I only know what I have heard from the media about Walker, However I have my doubts based on his success in erasing much of Wisconsin's budget deficit.
    See: Yes, Rachel Maddow, Scott Walker Balanced Wisconsin Budget Without Raising Taxes

    But as an Oregon citizen all I can say is REALLY?

    *John Kitzhaber has supported one of the highest and most egregious taxes on small business in history which bases taxes on GROSS receipts.

    *Directly as for honesty, John Kitzhaber along with State Representative Cannon actually made the statement: "The Bottle Bill is one of the most successful recycling devices ever invented"
    This is a blatant lie!!!
    The facts are (as someone who has been involved with recycling as a source of income since the early 90s back in California), The Oregon Bottle Bill is the laughing stock of the industry.
    See: Recycling Cans in Oregon

    This bill stifles private businesses & individual entrepreneurs from coming in and recycling other products such as newspaper at a profit as can be done in California.
    As well it is filthy, time consuming, and a drag on supermarkets. Using a shopping cart for shopping that has just been filled with moldy beer cans is disgusting, but Oregon's joke of a governor John Kitzhaber thinks the system is great.

    *What about Cover Oregon (Oregon's Health Care Exchange), and the total failure of this program and eventual closing of this program with missing millions of $$ still unaccounted for?????

    *Then there is the scandal and political corruption surrounding Oregon's first lady, Cylvia Hayes. This resulted in cover ups, and ultimately his resignation on Feb. 13, 2015.
    Sadly this man was re-elected governor with all this corruption swirling around him.
    But then what would you expect here in Oregon?
    Now he is under FBI criminal investigation, so much for PolitiFact!!!

    Reference: NPR; Revelations From Governor's Fiancee Show Flair For Scandal In Oregon

    So can one trust PoliFact as per Gov. Kitzhaber & likely Gov. Walker? I do not think so!!! PolitiFact Pants on FireFor this disgusting piece of journalistic crap, PolitiFact gets a "Pants on Fire in HELL award" not just a simple Fail

  • Mitt Romney says Barack Obama has 'doubled' the deficit- PolitiFact PolitiFact states "Romney is way off" and "FALSE".

    PolitiFact uses Fiscal 2009 as the starting point and criticizes Romney for using fiscal 2008 as the starting point. PolitiFact goes further in stating that 2009 doesn't account for any of Obama’s own spending initiatives, which is not correct.

    First after Obama won the election, Bush as lame duck president conceded to incoming President Elect Obama's request for more stimulus than Bush already conceded to the Democrat Congress (PolitiFact also conveniently misses the point that the Congress was already controlled by the Democrats since 2006).

    As for fiscal years; Wikipedia states; "The federal government's fiscal year currently begins on October 1 and ends on September 30 of the next calendar year". This means all but a couple months falls under Obama.

    I will admit a bit of a case of Romney spinning these numbers to his benefit, but at worst, PolitiFact should have given this a "HALF TRUE" on their truth meter.

    Verdict; FAIL for PolitiFact

  • "Falsehoods about the health care law"
    (Source: Top 5 falsehoods about the health care law)

    This is where PolitiFact shows its true colors as a mouth piece for the left with their ridiculous "Pants on Fire" so-called falsehoods.

    I will start out the knowledge is easy to obtain, but wisdom is much more difficult (really wisdom is from God, but clearly this organization does not seek wisdom).

    My point is that it only takes remedial business logic and wisdom to see through PolitiFact's claims of falsehoods here.

    First PolitiFact claims ObamaCare is not a government take over of health care is not looking past the simple deceptions in this bill.
    The facts are as a business person, when the penalties and costs are applied, it will become increasingly difficult to maintain a private policy and in the end it will be more cost effective from a personal or business perspective to go with the government plan.

    This is simple deception at its worst and for PolitiFact to miss this shows either complete ignorance or they are simply "in the tank" with the lies of our dishonest President Obama and his cohorts in Congress!!!!!

    The next big lie by PolitiFact is calling Sarah Palin's call about "Death Panels" their "2009 Lie of the Year"

    My response; while the wording is maybe an exaggeration, this is far from the big lie PolitiFact is making this out to be!!

    Here are a few basic facts of business that the morons at PolitiFact cannot seem to grasp (or do not want to!!).

    When you regulate what professionals are paid (in this case, health care providers), these professionals will simply find it not worth staying in the practice and leave and prospective new health care may reconsider the already high costs of education to enter this field and go elsewhere (my niece who is a Doctor has stated this).
    This shrinks the actual pie of available health care.

    Then when you force more persons into the system, you are going to place more demands upon this pie we can call available health care.

    This is simple supply and demand; economics 101.

    So what is the result?
    The result will be these unelected panels setting rules that will likely result in a say a 70 year old person with an aggressive form of cancer being denied where they would not have been denied in the past based on these rules set in place of where the limited funds will go to limited health care providers.
    To me this is pure evil,and the day my Mom or Dad for instance are denied, the evil that is ObamaCare will come to its 666 fruition.
    For my family as of 2015, it has already come to fruition in that our medical costs have ballooned under ObamaCare in an already tough, NON small business friendly economy!

    Verdict; FAIL for PolitiFact

In summary, especially when it comes to their ObamaCare lies, PolitiFact shows not only how dishonest and they are, but frankly how evil they are.
ANY news agency that quotes from PolitiFact will simply be switched off for me, which is why we have ceased watching NBC news. I will note who sponsors NBC News or any other news organization and call them out.

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