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Testing Google new Penguin & Panda, Farmer Algorithm; Verdict, FAIL


Google Panda, Farmer Algorithm Update

"Testing Googles new Farmer/Panda AND NOW THE EVEN WORSE PENGEUIN Algorithm; Verdict, it is only a sham to get more Adsense revenue and is very anti-small business!"


Updated 9/18/13

Is Google's new algorithm any good, lets look at some FACTS based on my field of expertise (I have been in UV Sterilization and aquatic research and development since 1978)

Let's type in "UV Bulbs" (which for most persons in this field means replacement UV-C lamps/bulbs)

First Result:
This website only has a link to UV-C replacement bulbs, and even here the content is poor

Second Result:
A little better, but still black lights are sold on this page and again, content is poor as per useful information for making a good decision

I might also add as per the first two results, both have marginal back links and very little reason to appear as they do on Googles terrible search algorithm

Third Result (now a SECOND PAGE result due to the Google Penguin disaster):
Google finally gets it right; yes I am partial, but when you look at the accurate, specific information, Meta Tags, back links for reliable authoritative sources, there is no excuse that this link should not be #1 as it is on Yahoo or MSN (Bing)

Forth Result:
Again mostly irrelevant results, basically UV systems
Fifth Result:
Sadly again, irrelevant results, these are reptile lamps (SO SAD Google)

Sixth Result: http://www.diyhomecenter.com/uv-bulbs/ Finally more relevant results, although content information could be better NOW with the Disgusting Spam Ridden Penguin Update, this page is no longer present for most relevant search keywords; which is sad since this is the most extensive and accurate UV Bulb Guide/Directory available on the Internet!
Again finally more relevant results, with good information and links to very specific accurate content

*Now check Yahoo or MSN, while certainly not perfect, the page yields twice as many relevant results as Google. I will not address each individual results, as quite bluntly it does not take a rocket scientist to see the difference.

Now let's try, "which a UV Sterilizer can help maintain"
This is phrase that is specific to an article that has been plagiarized by About.com
Google is now treating the ORIGINAL CONTENT as the spam and about.com as correct.
How absurd is this Mr. Matt Cutts of Google?
Reference: Pathological liar, Matt Cutts of Google

Sadly the correct article with this researched content is this one:
THIS IS the MOST UP TO DATE and researched to be found on the Internet. This article goes all the way back to my first controlled experiments in 1979, NO OTHER "cut & paste" article that Google displays can even come close to claiming the research and content of this article!!!!
The content is constantly being refreshed, yet if you use Google Search, you may have more trouble finding it when compared to Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, or Blekko

Now try "Planaria in Aquarium" or "Wiggly Aquarium worms", both of which our a couple of the main search terms for this aquarium problem based on stats and research.
The results here are down right mind boggling in inaccuracies & misinformation.
The results are anecdotal BS!!

UPDATE Now with the Penguin Update the ONE truly Accurate webpage cannot even be found on Google's putrid Penguin algorithm.

Planaria are predatory flatworms, not the annelid worms that consume detritus which is what all these pages are describing. This is allowing for the dangerous dissemination of misinformation! SHAME ON GOOGLE and the disgusting AND DISHONEST Matt Cutts!!

Still as of April of 2013 the second result is a SPAM blog that is made up of nothing more than "Cut & Paste" articles, including a terrible article about Planaria that is 100% incorrect as per identification, dangers, etc. confusing Planaria with Detritus worms.
Sadly this article is the typical cut and paste spam found in all the articles on this site in question and what Google Panda thinks are good results.
Here is this site to avoid:

The only correct article is:
Unfortunately this is now nowhere to be found on a Google Search!!

If one used the cut & paste logic of what makes quality content as per Google, one could conceivably get nothing but websites to the top of Google Search claiming that in fact the Earth IS flat.
The facts are that two VERY different creatures are being confused that have about as much in common as a dog to a lizard (as per scientific classification), yet because of Google's very spam driven algorithm that places authority to cut and past website many are being given the wrong information and are harming their fish as a result!!

I could use many more examples, such as how about.com comes up in way too many searches, and I thought it was this type of information spam site (content farm) that Google claims to be addressing in their new algorithm update.
While typing in "Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle" yields better results in Google, the fact that the information spam site about.com comes up proves Google has not addressed this issue very well, as well sadly Fish Lore also comes up and this website too is an anecdotal spam site, providing aquarium cycling information that was discredited two decades ago, yet sadly resurfaced on the internet.
Reference: Proven aquarium cycling methods
An interesting note is this Fish Lore Article erased most of its content, including their bogus Raw Shrimp cycling suggestion, yet this article is still a very basic fluff article with little original content, YET still ranks well in Google; AGAIN SO SAD GOOGLE!!

About.com also comes up in an extremely misinformed/highly inaccurate article about Columnaris; anyone reading this article will be provided terrible information both in treatment and prevention.
Correct Reference: Accurate Aquarium Fish Columnaris Information

Come on Google and Matt Cutts, who are you fooling?
We know you are calling this an improvement when in reality this is a way to get more spam content up to that then forces readers to click on Adwords?

As well it is well known that these spam sites that now do so well in Google search along with Amazon get breaks in Adwords cost per click.

While I am addressing Googles lack of any integrity, I have to ask when Google Adsense will stop using plagiarized content to place their ads on all the while denying at least three credible sites that I know the use of their original content for Adsense?!

One of the few ways we can get back at Google is for advertisers to opt out of the "Content" network with their Adwords campaigns.
If every advertiser were to do this, it would force Google to take a second look at their support of "Scrapers" (websites that steal legitimate websites content for the sole purpose of selling Adsense for the Adwords content network)!

See also: Google Lies, Dishonesty, Plagiarism; Adsense, Adwords

Updated 10/02/11!!

Google has tweeked their Panda Update even more, and even more spam sites (often displaying Google Adwords/Adsense) are appearing above good/real content that thankfully still appears on superior MSN/Yahoo searches.

Another search with the keywords "Aquarium Information" recently yields a clear spam site: http://newaquariuminformation.com/
This website is NUMBER ONE on Google and is nothing more than a site to sell ads with aquatic information that is VERY dated. As well the way this web page is designed, it is clearly set up to manipulate the system. ANOTHER Google Penguin FAIL!!!!
I do not know whether to laugh or cry (I showed the "Lighting" page from this site to another professional in the industry who also could not believe what they were reading, it was like a time machine to 1985!!

Compare this to this web page in regularly updated content and researched accuracy:

In fact the search term "Aquarium Lighting Information" now brings up mostly websites selling products generations out of date; this is similar to a web search for information about computers bring up information about DOS computers circa 1985 instead of a modern HP, Apple, etc. running a modern operating system such as Windows 7. Here is the Google number one result for "Aquarium Lighting Information" (as of the last update here):
This page is pure content crap! As well it is an insult to anyone such as myself that has spent a life's work in aquarium research that this would be the number one result.
Worse is I have have reported this to Googles webspam site multiple times over the last year, yet it remains; this once again shows Googles and Matt Cutts TOTAL LACK OF INTEGRITY!!
Here is Googles joke of a web spam reporting page:
Report Web Spam

Another sham of Google Panda & Penguin, is that large businesses, regardless of content quality have leaped over better content smaller businesses.
In fact JCPenney which was recently caught with "black hat" SEO in their link building schemes, is suddenly back up for the difficult keyword; "lamps" (great job Google, NOT!)

Another search in my field of endeavor for SeaChem, has the company SeaChem coming up first as it should, however several large companies including the ultimate crap seller; Amazon leaping over quality sites with vastly better content, reputation, and more. Another Google Panda Fail!


Let me point out a couple of flaws with Googles statements:

(1) Clearly Content is NOT king with Google search and I could provide example after example in my field of expertise.

What is "in Google search" is so-called authority back links. If someone at CNN or another authority website gives your website or blog a thumbs up; you are "in with Google" even if your facts are dead wrong and your content is cr##.

(2)Google likes to make the case that links should come naturally as a vote for a website, blog, etc.
HOWEVER while this might be all well and good in principle, SCIENCE AND FACTS NOT A VOTE (sorry Matt Cutts, you are wrong again).
As I have noted when cut and paste BS such as about Aquarium Planaria posted everywhere on the Internet, that does NOT make it true.
Is Matt Cutts really this stupid? No, I think this dishonest hack for Google Adsense knows exactly what he is doing!

The bottom line is if you are an aquarium or pond keeper and you use Google Search for information, may God have mercy on your fish!

Further Reference

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