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Tom Paterson Process for Productivity in Business


This blog post/article is a re-print of an awesome person that has attended the same church as I do (Bethany Presbyterian). My reason is not to plagiarize, but to place in front of others to learn from his incredible insights that have been put in place my many well known companies.
As well, long before I have read or heard of the Paterson Process, I too have attempted to implement many of his points only to be rebuffed at a previous employer that was run by a few very clueless investors/persons as to how to deal with human resources, so reading of the Paterson Process and how many major businesses have employed it has been a reaffirmation to me.

Here are a few of Tom Paterson's productivity accomplishments

  • Bringing Northrop Corporation back from near bankruptcy as a financial analyst, and creating the "Paterson Process" and the "cross functional team” concept.

  • Establishing THE foundational discoveries that allowed the entire world to hear, "HOUSTON, WE HAVE LANDED!"... The decision for a human controlled lunar landing by Apollo 11 was Tom's sole decision.

  • Introducing secret technology to Roy Disney that resulted in the invitation for Tom to design all of the electronics for Disney World, including Space Mountain. Roy actually dedicated Space Mountain to Tom Paterson

  • Created the US Presidential Study on Productivity in America for the Carter Administration.

  • Tom Paterson was a member of President Reagan’s trade mission to the People’s Republic of China in which Tom was the designer of China’s “pink economy" – a unique mix of communism and capitalism – enabling 1,000,000,000+ people to have food and shelter today.


Our greatest productivity loss is invisible so it is not measured. Tom Paterson achieved a MBA from Pepperdine University that was sixty percent behavioral based. After sixty-five years of experience, he came to realize that this hidden factor of production loss is due to INSECURITY, a reality that is sadly epidemic.

Characteristics of the really pathologically insecure, include:

· Cannot praise or affirm others – The truth is that all of us NEED APPLAUSE.
(This is where so many businesses such as BiMart or the investors of Carys of Oregon seem to be so totally clueless!)

· Are gossips – the pathologically insecure feel it is important to show they are in the know.

· Often speak loudly – to draw attention to the wisdom they are imparting to others.

· As Managers, they often build on weakness – they cannot make themselves bring someone on their staff that is (or appears to be) stronger than them.

· Are controllers who drop those they cannot control in their “kingdom” and their control techniques will be subtle.

· Do not take intelligent necessary risks. They play it safe…which is very unsafe when change is needed.

· Do not hold regular staff meetings – they prefer to meet one on one so they will be the only one that has the complete picture.

· Always need more budget in their piece of their budget world. This is apart of their play it safe mentality.

· Do not bring products in on schedule and at cost. They cannot drive a project due to their need to be popular.

· Cannot speak up in meetings of entire staff due to fear that their ideas may not be well regarded. Often they have great ideas that are only captured offline in one on one sessions.

Learnings for Leaders:

· Always recruit strength

· Recruit strong potential

· Do psychological testing

· Review your staff

· If you have staff who’s Thinking Wavelength is does not fit their assignments, don’t try to change them. Assist them to relocate to a job they can do.

· Be an affirmer – There is no Hall of Fame for Critics.

· Celebrate successful efforts and results.

· Let your team challenge themselves.

· Raise the bar for their performance.

· Reward outstanding results and effort.

· Get the thoughts of your silent ones offline

· Don’t try to force group participation – it will not work.

· Screen people carefully for management of major projects – make sure major projects are led by drivers.

· Place people who are silent in meetings in positions where they do not have to manage staff themselves.

Here are a couple Books by Tom Paterson

*Deeper, Richer, Fuller

*Living the Life You Were Meant to Live


While I may have attempted to institute many of these points during my many years in management, reading these as Tom Patterson presents these points helps me realize where I can improve too.
As well understanding how to identify the "pathologically insecure" among employees is something I had not given too much thought to until I read his "process".

In my aquarium/pond maintenance business, and now my online research and article writing endeavor I can see how valid these points are, including my failings.

Here are a couple of my professional, researched aquarium/pond care articles:

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*Aquarium Chemistry:

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