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Charter Internet, Cable; Terrible Service

Charter Cable Internet, unreliable serviceCharter Cable Internet Service, dishonesty, bait & switch, poor customer service, unreliable internet, and even sexual orientation insulting staff

Charter Cable Internet is by far and away the worst internet provider in the USA, if you do not believe me, just check this out:
PC World; The Best and Worst ISPs

What is scary about this above post from PC World is my experience with Charter Cable Internet has gotten MUCH worse since this came out!

Anyway, here is a list of their corporate misbehavior:
  1. Unreliable Internet Service; while admittedly Charter Internet can run as download speeds of 16 mbps or higher, often it drops to .5 to 1.5 (or worse)

  2. Dishonest Customer Service; when calling in I will often get a different answer each time I call in and then when a service tech comes out they will often state something different altogether.
    Although in all fairness the field techs for Charter usually seem to be telling the straight story, are polite and try hard to rectify the situation. The field service techs are definitely the one bright spot in this otherwise miserable company and often what they say is rarely followed up on by those in charge to fix the situation once and for all.

  3. Promising service calls or return customer service calls; Charter has made these promises only to fail, such as service call on 2/18/2011 or a call back from a corporate customer service specialist by "Umatter2Charter". Similar incidents have happened many times over the years I have been with Charter.

  4. Condescending automated answers when calling Charter for service problems; Yes I know to unplug my modem and refresh.

  5. Bait & Switch; I have been called to "upgrade" my plan and have been promised one thing, but in reality I do not get the plan I agreed to via a sales call and then when I call back they deny ever making the call; COME ON CHARTER HOW STUPID DO YOU THINK I AM!!

  6. Lying about down line router issues; I have even had Charter lie about issues with down line router issues when my pings said otherwise, when I called them on this they would make condescending replies

  7. Inappropriate remarks from customer service; all the problems aside, this is probably the most insulting; and after this insult all I asked for was an apology from the customer service representative, but Charter chose to sweep this one under the rug.
    This incident occurred during one of my regular service interruptions (and after the usual difficulty reaching someone), I reached man who proceeded to insult me and accuse me of basically be "gay" including comments such as I sound like a "girlie man" (BTW, I am straight).

    Charter should be ashamed, not because they hired such a troll, but because they swept this under the rug and acted like it did not happen, an apology from this person was all I asked for, nothing more; is that so difficult Charter?

If you have Charter Internet, I doubt their service is going to improve (not that it cannot, but since they continue to lie, I have serious doubts unless the light goes off in the heads" of board of directors and they hire someone with some morals to take charge).
If you are thinking of getting Charter Internet; DO NOT!
If you have Charter Internet and have not experienced any real problems, all I can say is people DO win the lottery.

In my opinion Charter is one of the more dishonest, poorly run companies in the USA, although when compared to Google's dishonesty, I guess Charter can still claim "higher ground"
See: Google Lies, Dishonesty, Plagiarism; Adsense, Adwords

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