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Midterm Elections 2010

Midterm Elections 2010; Will we finally get it right?

With the midterm elections around the corner as of this blog post, I am hopeful that we as a nation, state, county, and city may at least get it right in more than 50% of elections.
What I mean by “right” is not to vote for necessarily a Republican, but a candidate or ballot initiative that clearly understands true Conservative American values. By true conservative that does not mean going back to the do nothing status quo of backing the often corrupt banking and insurance industries while ignoring family businesses that are the back bone of this nation such as many RINO Republicans like Greg Walden (R- Representative, OR).
See: Greg Walden, RINO Republican

The only reason the narcissist socialist, borderline communist, pathological liar like Obama could even come into power with his lies, was he offered “Hope & Change” for the many persons sick and tired of RINO hypocrites (again using persons such as Greg Walden or Gordon Anderson), that do not understand true Conservative values. See: List of Obama Failures
True Conservatism, Conservative

Obviously the media are doing all they can to keep the socialists in power, even attacking RINO republicans such as Meg Whitman, who although I do not care for many of her views, she has at least played by the liberal playbook as per following the laws of the land when it comes to dealing with our illegal immigration problem, yet has been slammed by the media and may lose to an extreme loon by the name of Jerry Brown (ex Governor “Moon Beam”).

Sadly in my State (Oregon), Jim Huffman is running a terrible campaign letting Senator Wyden get away with his socialist anti-business, anti-freedom, anti-brain activity votes for Obama Care, the totally socialist (& brain dead) Cap & Trade Bill, and the bail outs & government take over of business.
I seriously doubt Huffman is going to pull this off since he either will not or cannot counter Wyden’s lame claims of how he has helped Oregon (despite his desperation to destroy America with his votes).

Also in Southern Oregon we have Greg Walden spending a lot of money in a race where he has no discernible opposition (this money would be much better spent with another campaign such as Huffman’s, which is why I never contribute to the Republican Party).
I believe Walden is worried many will finally see that he is not the conservative he claims to be, rather an arrogant politician with no interest the “little guy” of true conservatism. While I doubt this will happen, I hope (& pray) that many voters in Oregon’s 2nd Congressional District will “do the right thing” and either right in a candidate or write in “Other”.

In another Southern Oregon congressional race, Peter DeFazio (whom I had always have thought to have a little more integrity than many of the Socialist Democrats such as Reid/Pelosi) is running a sleazy campaign against Art Robinson rather than defend his own record such as his vote for Obama Care.
In a positive note, DeFazio at least went against the brain dead, science bending socialists in his party by voting against “Cap & Trade”.
If Peter DeFazio has any integrity left, he would run on his record and let the chips fall where they may.

Finally, if the Tea Party and the other mixed bag of conservatives and RINO Republicans push the socialists now running this country out of power, I sure hope they finally take these actions:

• Have a spine and stand up to pork spending,

• Stand up to the Insurance and Banking industry, while standing with small businesses by not giving tax breaks to companies such as Home Depot while ignoring small business that pay better and often treat their staff better and most importantly are the back bone of this Nation. Are you reading this Grants Pass City Council?
See: Grants Pass Poor Morals

• Stand up to the liberals pals in the legal profession (passing badly needed Tort Reform),
• Maybe at least attempt to understand the spirit of Luke 10:25-37 (the parable of the good Samaritan), many RINOs need to read this one.

• Stand up to pro-illegal immigration lobby
See: Arizona Illegal Immigration Law

• Stand up FOR Israel

• Stop listening to media and liberal definitions of what conservatism is and follow true conservatism.
See: Media Distortions, Lies
& List of Media Failures, Lies

• Perform badly needed health insurance reform, but not the anti-small business, pro big government take over of Obama Care. We need tort reform, ease of regulations, all the while forcing insurance companies to be responsible and show some morals. I personally do not think health insurance is a right, but it should be available to those who seek it responsibly, which in many cases it is not. As well a person should not stay in a poor work environment (such as BiMart) for the reason for health insurance, it should be affordable portable (which it is not, despite some political claims).

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