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Most of the subjects are based on reading and study and well as real life experiences (my field is aquarium and pond research and information as well as business)

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Dishonesty of the Media; Truth, Lies, & Distortions

Updated 9/17/13

I think one of my biggest pet peeves is lack of honesty and person that are in authority to expose the truth that instead either hide or cover up the truth or distort the truth by taking what others say out of context. Even with subjects that are still open to debate, hiding facts that might sway another to see more merits of another side (even if not yet a proven a fact) is also disgusting.

This also includes judges, police officials, & major media outlets (that are supposed to be the guardians of free speech and the open discussion of facts and news) are no longer trustworthy.
This is not a right or left issue, as I know many persons that call themselves Republicans that are just as guilty of this.
In my opinion a “true” conservative would not talk down & would champion any cause that is in their power to correct. Hopefully the Republican Party has gotten this message, however RINO false conservative Republicans such as Greg Walden of Oregon are still in office and still supported by the Republican Party (which is why I never donate to the Republican Party, rather to individual campaigns).
See: Greg Walden; Condescending RINO Republican

The problem of honesty has also made it hard to know who to trust, such as with a Pro Israel Website I have supported and promoted where I took many of what they stated as gospel truth since I did not have the time to fact check them, only to get a nasty totally dishonest distortion of what Rush Limbaugh stated on his radio show about Haiti relief.
Even after being told that he should read the transcripts (for proof) the author chose to believe media lies and distortions, this is even more disgusting as we all get thing s wrong, but when corrected, this shows the true humility and integrity of an individual to admit they were wrong. Needless to say I will never trust what this person says again since he cannot apologize even when many persons confront him with the truth..

Even on a personal level, believing rumors or turning one’s back on another can destroy a person for life. I know my family has been devastated more than once by lies where the truth was so easy to discover (such as a call to person who knows us intimately or a therapist for my daughter).
See also: Where is God in Harmful Rumors

I also have a family member that had a major issue come up many years back where a so called Christian man (& Pastor I might) had the power to come to his aid, but chose to look the other way. This has destroyed his life to this very day to which all I can say is this man at Bethany Baptist Church in Southern California should be ashamed with his evil/immoral behavior when he had a chance to make life changing difference in a person’s life.

Here are just few/points as to recent problems/example of this behavior

• The media lies about Rush Limbaugh that is spread out of utter hate for this man.
While I do not always agree with Limbaugh (especially in his optimism as to one’s chance of success in the USA as well as looking the other way in corporate corruption by Banks or Google), this still does not make it right to take out of context anyone’s comments.
In the most recent incident of Haiti Relief one might argue that he could show more empathy, this still does not make it right to state that he told person to not give to Haiti Relief when he did not and simply listening to his show (which I was that day) or reading transcripts is so easy to know the truth.
He simply stated that we already give to Haiti through income taxes (which we do and most of this money rarely reaches those in the most need), as well he commented that there were better organizations than the whitehouse.gov site such as the many charitable organizations already there and that are more efficient (an example is Samaritans Purse whom I support).

While on the subject of Haiti relief, I find it sad on how the media jumps all over right-wing loons such as Pat Robertson but ignore Danny Glover who believes that the Haitian earthquake was caused by climate change and global warming.
Here is a quote: “When we see what we did at the climate summit in Copenhagen, this is the response, this is what happens, you know what I'm sayin?”

• This brings me to how the media totally hid and refused to report one of the biggest scams in modern history, se this article I wrote;
“The Global Warming Hoax/Farce”.

I never heard a word other than a few lame comments attempting to discredit the whistle blowers. Even if you might still agree with this, hiding facts makes one look even guiltier of dishonesty.
Persons in a free country have a right to the facts and both sides of an argument.

• The way the many liberals in power will do and say anything to get what they want, even when the will of the majority of the people is against it.
Martha Coakley, assault on Weekly Standard reporter An example is Martha Coakley's non-reaction to an assault on a Weekly Standard Reporter assault by one of her Goons, even though she knew that the reporter only was trying to ask a question.
Here is a photo showing Coakley looking at the reporter on the ground with the assailant standing there witnessing this, yet she denied seeing the attack happen.

Sadly this lady is the Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, in other words the number one law enforcement in this state.
As well I never heard any of this reported on Good Morning America, the Today show or other similar so-called news media.

Pushing a Health Care package using thug methods seems to be par for the coarse with or disgusting excuse for a President (Obama), Pelosi, Reid and others that care little for the surfs that they govern with contempt, and of coarse getting Martha Coakley elected is essential to this.
As well allowing backroom deals to allow unions to keep their premium insurance policies while placing a tax on others with similar Cadillac policies for private citizens.
The bribing for votes of senators such as the senator of Nebraska (Ben Nelson) is equally disgusting.

• I should also note that many Republicans are guilty of looking the other way to, such as the before mentioned RINO Republican Greg Walden or the many Republicans that carte blanche support many in corporate America such as Google, Bank of America and many more.
See: Google Dishonesty, Plagiarism, with Adsense, Adwords, & More

As to Banks, while the media and left wing of this country like to push the half truth that the collapse of the mortgage industry and banking industry in general was due to corporate greed, this missed the fact that Barney Frank and other in charge of banking in our Federal government forced bad loans upon these banks.
However this does not change the fact that many banks (not all though) such as Bank of America treat their employees like dog meat and will cheat consumers and businesses at every chance they can get; and with this problem many Republican Politians and right wing pundits will look the other way.

An example is the common practice of Credit Card fraud committed upon small businesses such as myself where so called “buyers” will make phony purchases online then report the sale as fraud (often keeping the merchandise) and the Banks (such as B of A) will even charge the innocent retailer $20 for a reversal fee.

Recently I had a transaction come through that failed fraud tests. We attempted to contact the buyer in multiple times (documented too), yet the so-called buyer filed a fraud complaint after we already refunded the money back to his bank due to his lack of response, we were then charged $20 for this by his fraudulent bank.

I am told by our credit card processor that this is a common problem but the “banks can do what they want” and no government agency (Republican or Democrat) will correct this gravy train for banks.

Back to Google, pages can be written about the fraud committed by this company such allowing Adsense on plagiarized websites, making "search" updates that favor only large companies and website "scrapers".
The result is often spammy, irrelevant, out of date, or downright incorrect websites coming up in search well ahead of good, relevant and researched content.
Despite this, the Media Goons swoon over everything Google states or does and repeat like parrots.

In my field of expertise, Searches such as "Aquarium Lighting Information", "UV Bulbs", & "Aquarium Planaria" are just a few proofs of this.
See also Google Panda Update Fail

Here are search results better, more honest search engines such as DuckDuckGo bring up that are BASED ON CONTENT, unlike Google:
*For the search query, "Aquarium Lighting Information": Aquarium Light Facts & Information
*For the search query, "UV Bulbs": TRUE Hot Cathode UVC Replacement Bulb, Lamps
*And for Google;s biggest FAIL as Google brings up patently false information, the better website for "Aquarium Planaria" is: What are Planaria, Detritus Worms in Aquarium

And for a BETTER search more like what Google was like before 2005, consider:

In Summary, while I believe this problem is only getting worse, especially with the election of the most corrupt President and Congress in our Nations history, this will not go away as long as the average person is shielded from the truth by and even more dishonest media, as well as long as many Republicans cannot learn from the past and also look the other way when they have the opportunity to correct a problem (such as Gordon Anderson and Greg Walden of Oregon).
As well, as long as many Republicans fail to understand what a “True Conservative” is or that there is a difference between being conservative and a capitalist, we as Nation or God fearing people are doomed to repeat these problems.
See: What is a True Conservative; Conservatism versus Capitalism

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