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Grants Pass Police; Alleged Corruption, Dishonesty


Updated 2/2/15

Our society has many checks and balances, however sadly many of these fail when it comes to government organizations where the abuse of authority or power comes into play.
I have witnessed this with persons in the teaching profession where 95% are excellent, but a few bad apples can really soil the reputation of the good ones, however this is to be expected in any job or similar. The problem really starts when others that have the ability or authority to correct the situation choose to look the other way or worse, promote dishonest and immoral behavior.

When this problem manifests itself in police, sheriff, etc. with just one individual, this can become a major "black eye" even when most officers conduct themselves in the the best moral conduct any human can possibly perform (which being human, I believe we all make mistakes, but when a police department covers up mistakes, this becomes a major issue of abuse of authority).
I want to point out I have personally witnessed officers showing the utmost of compassion, in particular a deputy with the Los Angeles Sheriff Department who who checked in regularly with our family and business after a few traumatic events befell our family and business, including the horrible individual who became the primary reason for our move to Grants Pass.
My personal/family bio:
My business bio:

My point is this was incredible compassion and I do not think it is fair to label all police, sheriff as bad because of a few bad apples.
A recent well publicized example of how I think most officers should be known and likely many are of this caliber:
NYPD Officer Whose Act of Kindness Went Viral, My Heart Went Out to Him

This brings me to the Grants Pass Police Department, as I noted I believe the vast majority of police, Sheriff, etc. are good honest and moral persons (& likely many if not most in the GPPD as well), the Grants Pass Police has a terrible reputation and those in authority to stop the few bad apples refuse seem to not have any interest in doing so, rather they make excuses.
This includes Sergeants (one Sergeant in particular is a real power hungry a## that should be picking up trash by the side of the road, not be a police Sergeant), the Deputy Chiefs, the local courts, and the City Counsel/Mayor.

I will also admit I was in disbelief (as to rumors I heard about the GPPD) and hid my head in the sand as to the truth of the alleged corruption and arrogance of the GPPD (or at least those who had the authority to correct the known problem officers).
In my defense my first real contact came two years after moving to Grants Pass with officer Mike Miner.
He was so professional, compassionate, and courteous that it led me to believe that ALL these persons comments about problems within the GPPD must be wrong (maybe this officer should be Chief, as I know he still works with the GPPD). I would also note that I have met others too in the GPPD that also appear to be good moral police officers. As well, my mostly positive experience with LA County Sheriff led me to believe that I should expect the same in Grants Pass (not all experiences with LA Sheriff were positive, but a major difference is the few less than positive experiences led to talks with supervisors that actually acknowledged and addressed the issue).

For this reason it is even more frustrating that the few bad apples are allowed to give our city this poor reputation as a business person in this community, I want to be proud of my local police, not have to place a "but" or axterix next to GPPD (I should note that my Stat software shows MANY searches from around the USA and in particular Oregon with the search query of "Grants Pass Police Problems" or similar, so it is obvious we have a problem that needs fixing).

Before I give examples of the alleged problems with the GPPD, let me once more emphasize that the purpose of this article is NOT to attack the GPPD and the people working hard to do the best job they can, but to hopefully get attention to these problems with a few bad apples and get them fixed (instead of looking the other way) so that the only rumor about the GPPD is how it is the best police department in the the country!!

For those shaking their heads while reading this and wondering what I am talking about, let me give several alleged examples (a couple are my own, while other examples are from other upstanding community members here in Grants Pass, Oregon)

  • 11/29/12
    Employees at the Grants Pass BiMart have their vehicles broken into. between approx. 6am & 7 am.
    What makes this crime egregious is these vehicles were locked and alarmed an just behind where the employees were working in a well lit area, so this took some major "balls" (pardon my language) and was clearly NOT a crime of opportunity.
    The vehicles were damaged beyond being drivable, so these were clearly hardened probably violent criminals that should NOT be roaming the streets of Grants Pass.

    So what was the officers response? He was rude according to a witness and refused to even take a police report, he simply handed his card to the victim.
    Not only should a police report have been taken, this crime should have been investigated by detectives as this was NOT a crime of opportunity, rather a crime committed by person who likely would not be safe to meet on the street.

    SHAME on Deputy Chief Landis for not disciplining this and other rogue officers and SHAME on the Grants Pass City Council for continuing to not take action against the problems with this police department which continues to give the city of Grants Pass a bad name and all the good officers here and elsewhere a bad name as well!!!!

  • An upstanding citizen of Grants Pass (she ran a well known Day Care) had a malicious call that she was suicidal. The GPPD shows up at her home and rather than investigate this call for what it was (& considering what she does for a living), they hand cuffed her in front of her children, neighbors, & husband. The officers did not conduct an investigation by asking her kids, husband or neighbors, not did they ask the Pastor of the church that employed her as the director. These offices simply made a presumption of “guilt” and took her into a hospital for a psychiatric exam.
    Upon release she called the Sergeant in authority at this time who (typical of the GPPD) treated her rudely and with contempt.

  • A local businessman parks in the parking lot at G and 6th Street to drop off packages for his business at the post office, he walks by several officers standing on 6th Street; upon return these same officers stop him and question him like he was a criminal, even though it was obvious what he was “up to”.

  • A lady is side swiped shortly after turning north on 7th from Manzanita, she has to chase down the other driver who was obvious distracted. She contacted the GPPD where the officer did not conduct a thorough investigation and instead cited her for an unsafe turn (not even considering the damage to her vehicle as proof)

  • I have sat in personally in traffic court and noted that one officer in particular (officer JJ) display his total lack of compassion, ability to tell the truth (even when evidence to the contrary is presented), and simply lack of morals and obvious power hungry abuse of power.

  • On July 30 2009 an out of control officer (he does not remember the name, but the dishonesty reeked of Officer Jamie J. & this name is whom he seems to remember) stopped an employee of mine for running a yellow light (not a red) and was rude, hassled him, and worst of all accused him of being on drugs since he was shaking from being nervous. It does not take a brain surgeon to recognize the difference between being nervous and taking drugs. Furthermore everyone who knows this young man knows that he is the nicest person you could meet without a mean bone in his body, as well he does not even touch a drop of alcohol, yet alone drugs.

  • Sergeant TH when complained to about Grants Pass Police abuse after an officer bangs on the back door of a home falsely accusing of using illegal fireworks is condescending and corrects the caller for using the word “officer” and stated that he must be addressed as “Sergeant”, if this is not a person with abuse of power problems, I do not know what is.
    In this same incident he defended this officers actions (which admittedly although are wrong, was an innocent mistake as he did not know this families personal situation and why banging on the back door sent chills down their spines) by stating he can bang on “any door he wants to at any time”.

    Sorry Sergeant TH, this is not the Peoples Republic of China, check your location as this is the United States of America!

  • I received a citation for following “To closely” in a minor accident that caused essentially no damage to the other vehicle (it happened under 15 mph), this accident occurred while under the extreme stress created by my daughter’s improper removal from our home by DHS. See: DHS, DCS, CPS, DCFS Abuse of authority problems

    The Officer (JJ) (who lied in court again) never asked me what led up to this and showed ZERO compassion. As well Sergeant TH made up false claims as to insurance companies position and putting words in their mouths (both my insurance agent and my best friend works as a broker for Farmers have denied the officers statement), this classifies this as a lie IMO. Sadly I was in a similar accident where I was rear ended in this same truck several years back with no damage to my truck and mild/moderate damage to his vehicle, the deputy who responded actually talked to us both and decided to not write the other driver a citation (this was at Don Julian Rd. & 7th Av. North in the City of Industry). No one would argue that going 36 in a 35 zone is speeding, however most reasonable persons would agree that writing a ticket for this would be abuse of authority, which in my view (besides the typical lack of compassion the GPPD displays) is what happened here.
    I also looked up the legal definition of Careless or Reckless driving which this uncompassionate sergeant implied I could have been cited with rather than the “kinder” citation of following to close (which is a blatant lie) and they do not apply, especially Reckless Driving.

    I have been contacted by a friend who has worked as an executive in the insurance industry for decades that stated the Deputy Chief and other’s statement as to the insurance industry preferring that citations be issued regardless of whether a traffic violation was actually broken is an ABSOLUTE LIE.

  • As per the Grants Pass Courier Letters; a man who was traveling down 6th St, with his an infant and young child in the car. He spotted his wife & honked and waved at her and was immediately pulled over by a GPPD (probably Officer JJ). The man stated in his letter that the GPPD officer was extremely rude & obnoxious and even addressed the small child asking if he would like to see his father arrested. This behavior by the officer upset the child considerably.
    The police chief cited that honking the horn is illegal except in an emergency, while this is true, do we really wants an overly aggressive police force that hands out tickets for something this absurd? Why not tickets for going 31 mph in a 30 mph zone? This can be taken to the extreme.
    Has the chief ever heard of the spirit of the law and the intent of the law? Please do the citizens of Grants Pass a favor and retire pal.

  • There are many citizens that are also aware of Officer Jamie J. alleged selling of Steroids while the officer on duty at Grants Pass High.
    Once again a cover up ensued and the local courts participated in the cover up of what in my personal experience as well as the many persons in town consider an extremely dishonest and slime of a human being that sadly disgraces the badge.

  • A lady with the Grants Pass Public Safety Department (the title of this department is laughable IMO based the total condescending lack of compassion here), wanted to argue that everyone else is wrong; which includes my previous attorney, LA Sheriff Deputies, to two insurance agents, to others I respect in the business community. Apparently only the GPPD has it right and everyone else is wrong.
    This is also arrogant, and although she and others at GPPD may be correct on some points, however this "we" (GPPD) are right and everyone elsewhere is wrong attitude is despicable.

  • Once again officer J.J. argues with a witness of a minor traffic collision outside Boatnik Festival telling the witnesses that they did not see what they saw???.
    Commentary: This officer just cannot help himself to stop his lying and making up stories to back up his corrupt behavior; is there no one in this department with the integrity top stand up to this guy and finally give him the boot?

  • Complaints by our family about a person that HAS harmed their family in many ways (including a young girl) which is the reason for our move here to be near other supportive family members, have literally been laughed off by the GPPD.
    Sergeant TH laughed in a phone call about this problem, likely due to the strange, sickly twisted manner of the continued emails sent by this person. Unfortunately this is not a laughing matter and any professional Police Officer would understand this as a dangerous person that can one day totally snap and the progression of emails & similar presented PROVE this progression as well.
    Sadly this incident and the first noted about the Day Care Administrator really display the total incompetence, corruption and lack of morals displayed by what appears to be an inept police department.

What is also interesting to me (after this was pointed out by another citizen frustrated with our police department) is the number of Officers for a town of this size which I have been told is 35. When you consider that the Josephine county Sheriff’s Department does not have anywhere close to this number for about the same number of citizens and vastly more territory to cover, it has got to leave one scratching their heads if we have too many officers with too much time on their hands; this of coarse is an opinion, but a valid opinion/question for any reasonable person. The only way this is going to stop is not only for citizens to stand up and say “No More”, but for those reading this that are even considering visiting the heavily tourist dependent Grants Pass area to boycott Grants Pass. This will send a message that police corruption or dishonesty is not tolerated and soils the reputation of those elsewhere (& even in this department that likely are forced to be quiet) that strive for excellence and morality.

In Summary; I am not saying all the officers are bad, dishonest, corrupt or whatever adjective one would choose, I suspect that the majority GPPD officers are good moral persons, however the buck stops at the top and when the top makes excuses, lies or denies the laws of the United States in defense of bad officers, then we clearly have a problem of alleged corruption or at the very least blatant dishonesty & indifference. I also certainly do not want to encourage a "piling on" as the liberal media has falsely done with sheriff Joe Arpaio (of Arizona).

If this department wants to clean up its act, I can think of at least two officers in particular that should be in the unemployment lines (Officer JJ and Sergeant TH). Worse if something were to happen in the case of last complaint listed here, the City of Grants Pass will be liable for a lawsuit (especially in lieu of what happened in Tucson since this guy has much in common); is this what this town can afford?
BTW, after showing these incoming emails from this predator whom Sergeant TH found so entertaining, most have been horrified as to that something has not been done and how dangerous this person is;
My point is Sergeant Todd H is clearly scum especially as of Jan of 2012, this dangerous person is still attempting to contact my family that this putrid scum with a badge could care less about!

Sadly we had a solo accident in front of our home (Spring of 2011) involving a drunk driver (our maple tree was damaged), but since no one was hurt, both me and my wife decided to not get involved based on our terrible experience in the past with the GPPD. I still feel bad that we feel that calling 911 is a bad choice in this town, but unfortunately ours and others treatment by our so-called police department has made us feel this way; Is this how a local police force should condition their community to feel???

Hopefully those reading this post will do the right thing; either boycott Grants Pass, call their City Council Person (if they live in Grants Pass, OR), or even call the GPPD to complain.
Remember this quote: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”

OR better hopefully the City Council will DO THEIR JOB AND GET RID OF THE PROBLEM OFFICERS, as well as make changes that does allow future problems of this sort, so that I can update this blog post that I do not enjoy posting since I have otherwise always been big supporter of law enforcement!
UPDATE: It appears as of the latest update, that the two known alleged problem officers (Todd H & Jamie J) have "moved on", hopefully not to become another communities problem. This stated, I hope those in charge will have a better attitude in dealing with any future problem officers so that our community can have a police department we can be proud of!

Maybe the sad reality is that I was spoiled by the several deputies I dealt with in Los Angeles County who showed respect, compassion, and honesty, as well as the Motto; "To Serve and Protect" and frankly I have not seen this positive attitude from the Grants Pass PD.

Further References:
By Former City Councilor Bob Anderson, December 21, 2013

Another Issue with the Good Ole Boys that run Grants Pass where our City Government has once again looked the other way:
Is Grants Pass Oregon Family Business Friendly

Please continue to read the comments that have since come in after this article was published

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Blogger samantha said...

I completely agree with this city's "authority" issues as far as police go. My sister, 17, just got pulled over for "speeding". What officer Mike Schmidt wrote down was 34 in a 20(school zone) when she was actually going 34 in a 40, way past where the school zone ends next to Allen Dale Elementary. On top of that, Schmidt didn't even pull her over til she was way past the school zone so even if she had been speeding, there was no way of him knowing unless she was very obviously going like 50. AND he started with the usual sarcastic question: Do you know how fast you were going? Hello! he's the one with the radar, he should know. And just bombarded her with questions like where was she going, etc. which is none of his business! And lastly he told her, "the good news is, i didn't charge you double for speeding in a school zone" ...instead he was kind enough to only charge her the base amount of $190...no biggie right! We are definitely taking this one to court!

3:38 PM  
Blogger CTF said...

CORRUPTION TASK FORCE- Josephine Countyby Josephine Oregon

You or someone you know been wronged by the Josephine County Court system?

Fight Back Now! C. T. F. is here to help. Your efforts now may lead to overturning of your case, mistrial and possible future civil actions/compensation.

C. T. F. is an action and watch dog coalition formed expressly for the purpose of protecting your civil and natural born rights. Where and most blatantly are these rights currently being violated? Josephine County, Oregon.

Tell the story. Please send the following info regarding Josephine County cases only:

-Name listed on the case (ex.- 'Defendant' vs State of Oregon)

-Case number and year of original filing

-Briefly identify and describe each infraction made by either the DA and local law enforcement or both based on any criteria listed below showing Prosecutorial Misconduct.

-With their permission only... Contact information of friends, acquaintances, family, witnesses or ex-defendants of other cases who have had similar injustices by Jos. Co. Please pass the word!

Send all correspondence to ctf@hush.com. In your protection, all inquiries/cases strictly confidential and to be shared only with our attorneys and the Oregon State Bar.

Examples of Prosecutorial Misconduct by a District Attorney or by way of local law enforcement actions, police reports etc. include:

-Discovery violations

-Improper contact with witnesses, defendants, judges or jurors

-Improper behavior during hearings or trials

-Prosecuting cases not supported by probable cause

-Harassing or threatening defendants, defendants' lawyers or witnesses

-Using improper, false or misleading evidence

-Displaying a lack of diligence or thoroughness in prosecution

-Making improper public statements about a pending criminal matter

Oh Lady Justice the tears you shed
Wield the sword double-edge stained red
Blindfold threadbare tattered blue
Of scales worn and calibrate untrue
March to the gallows and forecast bleak
Reason and Justice no prejudice we seek
Rise one and all shall come forth
For impartiality rule and compass point north
A system of imbalance where accountability fails
Be upon thee served whom power prevails

11:48 PM  
Blogger Carlrs said...

Samantha; Good luck in court, I witnessed Officer Jamie Joswick lie in court (this includes my sitting in viewing other cases) in a few cases the defendant was clearly not guilty of a traffic violation, yet the officer clearly lied.
As well one Judge I sat in on clearly had no interest in the truth and found everyone guilty of the traffic violations in question. I will also note that in a couple of cases (after speaking to an attorney friend of mine) the charges were clearly made up and the officer & court were allowing the use of traffic statues that had no bearing on the made up violations. Sadly at least one of the Judges in Josephine County back this corruption (not all though, so I hope you get one of the honest judges)

9:00 AM  
Blogger ML said...

See http://www.change.org/petitions/demand-an-end-to-police-complaint-fraud

11:48 PM  
Blogger catseyes99 said...

This corruption goes a lot deeper. A man is killed in jail. Why? Know one knows. He wasn't suppose to be in jail. He was in the hospital, 2 officers come in and haul him off to the hole in G.P. There was no warrant for his arrest either. But a couple days later, they said he hung himself. But autopsy showed he had bruised, broken collar bone and the fact that he was taller than the vent they said he hung himself on, makes the police findings a lie.
Don't on counting on a not guilty in a trial in G.P. either. A private investigator sitting in on a trail says after all evidence presented said the D.A. should have never taken it to trial because they had not one bit of evidence against this man that proved he did it. But the jury came back guilty. Jurys in G.P. are usually pro government and will say that if charged have to be guilty. Also the detective lied in his testimony.
Another case. A woman minding her own business during a meeting at Ann Baskers, had another woman come to the back of the room, push this womans child to the floor and pulled the womans fingers from a sign she was holding. This woman tried to file charges against this woman. The police wouldn't take a report. Why? Because the sign was against new taxes for the police dept. Three videos of the meeting clearly showed the abuse by the woman from the front of the meeting. She was part of the government in Josephine County. This case did go to trial. The assaulted womand had to go to Coos County to file and the D.A. from Coos came over for the trial. The sheriff testified and said he didn't see anything but video proved he did. The woman accused even admitted she assaulted this woman but the jury came back not guilty.
Case after case of children taken from good parents and the parents are never charged for anything but their cases end up with the child being put up for adoption. Why? Because there's a loophole in the legislation of no child left behind. It gave an incentive to children services that for every child put up for adoption, the Federal Government would give them a bonus. I heard it was around $1500 each.
Was talking to another man one day. He was picked up by the police during a hot summer day and placed in the back of a police car. They wanted this man to tell them where some drugs were. The man told him he didn't know but they insisted by closing all the windows and turning on the heater full blast. The guy gave them an address but the police even got angrier because there was nothing there like the guy tried to tell them.
The police, attorneys and courts will do anything and everything to get a person to take a plea or even go trial because they know they can manipulate the system.
The people keep voting in more time for crimes but what they have done is given G.P. and the state of Oregon an incentive to do everything it takes to get a conviction. Whether you're guilty or not.
There is no such thing as justice only corruption rules in G.P.

10:31 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

"while the vast majority of police, Sheriff, etc. are good honest and moral persons"

I agree, the vast majority are.

However, my recent experience with the GPPD/State Police is shocking to say the least. I am not at liberty to discuss the details at this point due to pending court dates/trials but I am at the point where I am going to contact the media. I am shocked at not only the GPPD but also the DA as well. The recent actions of the GPPD and the DA make me feel delighted to live out of state.

I am so glad that I found this blog, it validates what was obvious. I promise to return and share my story when I am able to.

10:18 AM  
Blogger watchingyoureverymove... said...

not sure if police or cps, all agencies seem to social network, but recently I have had bright lights reflected at me when ever I walk into a room, noises made at me in my home, my toddler makes the same noises. tell husband, thinks I am silly, now 2+2=4.U NO, I NO....more details ? everyone makes mistakes. this terrorism is Unjustifiable!

1:01 AM  
Blogger Clyde Greene said...

I no longer able to give my concent to give my government to governen me, I fear for our peoples safety .

7:27 AM  
Blogger Clyde Greene said...

I no longer able to give my concent to the government to governen me. I fear for our peoples safety and our rights.when will the corruption stop we the people need to uphold our rights , the police are lieing on the reports we need to stand on our rights . Take back our privacy it our business what.we do in our homes.

8:48 AM  
Blogger Michelle Reese said...

I'm getting harassed by someone using the jails number and animal shelter everyday and I have a police report on this girl that was texting and threatening me from different numbers spoofing it and when I called the jail to talk to officer she or whoever was calling on the other from the exact same number 541 474 5140 but the officer I talked to wasn't concerned about this which I got so mad (it's 2 am) that I said it's ok with you that what little funding we have you're not going to help me from getting harassed by someone using the phones for county use and you can't look up the previous report on a girl harassing me from different numbers because he works between 6 pm and 6 am so he wouldn't be able to go where she is because it's 9 am to 5 pm I thought they have to have someone backing them up he said block their numbers well I called him a f****** dumbass because that's not going to stop it and what happens if I block a county number thar is important call and real employee of the county and I get in trouble for not responding if I change my number they can just search my name for the new one it's been everyday for two weeks now. What the hell I have been staying home at night just in case they are following me or whatever but I'm scared now because this tweaker have this much obbession about harassing me then what happens next. My brother burnt down a house and because my last name is unique his tweaker friends know me through the grapevine how do I get help? The only thing I can think of is change my last name back to my step dad I had growing up but I have an online business that's a huge success and it's my dream. I'm moving to Brookings but I'm waiting for my apartment to open up so what happens til then I have no help and no one cares that your money is paying to have me harassed and I could be endangered

9:36 PM  
Blogger Ted Slayer said...

Been pulled over three times in nine months and each stop followed similar "script."

Stop #1: Two man car pulled me over and cop A asked for license, registration and insurance while cop B continually shone his flashlight throughout the interior of my car. No professionalism. No "Good evening, Sir...my name is officer Fascist Fool with the Grants Pass police department...aaaa, the reason I'm stopping you is because xyz...may I please see your license and registration."

~3 minutes pass...only Cop A returned, handed me my license and registration and said "you almost ran over that elderly man in the cross walk back there, (Cop A pulled the story out of his ass as such never happened.) Cop A continued: "Please drive safely, I'm going to let you go with just a verbal warning...good bye."

Obviously, the cop didn't like the looks of something about me or my Lincoln Continental and pulled me over hoping to catch the Israeli that helped Dov Zackheim steal $2.3 trillion from the Pentagon or find a ton of nanothermite used by MOSSAD Operatives to bring down Building 7 on 9/11?

Maybe Cop A thought I had some left overs of the 8000 guns in my trunk...you know, guns that Eric Holder and Obama had ordered the ATF to give to the Sinaloa criminal drug cartel.

Wait, I know...Satanist Army General Michael Aquino often transports young boys from orphanages for occult parties at his church of set that involve sodomy, torture and even human sacrifice.

I'm a 6'5" professional white male presently teaching Physics and BJJ at the local community college and on occasion wear a black balaclava that apparently sets off alarm bells in the cop cortex's of GPPD officers.

We realize the USA was hijacked by players in the international criminal banking syndicate in 1913 and that even the Supreme Court has been thoroughly infiltrated and corrupted by men that can print money out of thin air and force people to use the "funny money" or face getting bombed into the stone age. It's a very wicked system and I'm ashamed that I haven't been able to restore our REPUBLIC to a HEALTHY STATE!

Thus far, GPPD hasn't violated my 4A rights and conducted searches...but, they have lied about why they pulled me over. No tickets either. Officers must come to the realization that>>>>

A free society cannot coexist with this legion of government agents, obsessing daily over searching citizens for contraband.

Cops, politicians, judges and others serving megalomaniacs...twisted people that are often unelected and yet, proclaiming themselves as oligarchs over We the Little People...the minions really need to honor their oaths regardless of what the USSC, executive branch & congress may pervert of the Constitution's limits on abuse of power. LIBERTY of the PEOPLE is the SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND.

1:57 AM  
Blogger Michelle Keller said...

My story of police corruption comes from Allentown Pennsylvania. Its started in 1992. After many years of driving without a licence due to me not getting my mail in 1986. I drove anyway to work and support myself and later my 3 sons. I paid all my fines and stopped driving to get my licence back. It 1992 I got my licence back. I was driving to a job interview, and some woman ran a red light in Easton Pa. Now the woman who hit me was the state attorney general security, and she knew the police offer who responded to the accident. Even though I was not at fault of the accident, I was found guilty of wreckless driving, I appealed and lost. At a loss of our legal system I drove to work and take care of my family. I was caught a few times driving but I had no choice I am a contractor and I had to drive to take care of my family. I didn't have any more problems that is until 2001 when I went to collect rent for one of my fathers properties. The police followed me from the property to my home knocvked on my door and said they were in a high speed chase with me, that was a lie. in the next two years the cop Christy Fegly, & Eric Brenner harassed me relentlessly. Only to find out my own father was bribing them so they tell him when they were gonna bust his illegal poker machines. My father got sick and no longer was will to pay the bribes. The two dirty cops harassed me relentlessly I had no idea my father was bribing the Allentown police. It did not stop until I contacted Dan Post of the Morning Call newspaper, and he threatened the chief of the police of a story about the corruption. It stopped until 2011 seems I had a facebook stalked named Michael Osman and went to the Allentown police for help. They sent me detective Eric Landis, the first thing he said to me that I was not liked by the Allentown police and I got 2 of his brothers fired. So he did not help me, he helped my stalker. He also left me over 12 police intimidation messages on my answering machine and my cell phone. I was talking to a state trooper fron Virginia and she said to save them and play they for the police chief. I talked with her on my facebook that Detective Landis hacked and seen my conversation, and he then hacked in to my answering machine and cell phone and deleted my evidence. I came across my stalker at a bike night and calmly walked him and just ask why. He did not say a word. Two days later Eric Landis sent me harassment charges in the mail, for asking my stalker why. I go to court with eyewitnesses of how the police and Michael Osman were harassing me. I was found guilty. I let it go why fight this losing battle any futher. A short time after that my wife and I split up, and it was messy. Someone postd a picture of my wife in a bikini on facebook and she blamed me for it, when I go to court who was there with my wife, why that would be detective Eric Landis yet again. I was found innocent and Eric Landis was very mad. He has also broke in to my home and stole paper work I had to prove my ex-wife stole my mail and a check sent me. I have an hour long video take of detective Landis breaking in toi my home and going threw my paper work. I go to the F.B.I. and ask for help but got none. This detective Eric Landis will not rest until he puts me in jail or forces me to leave my home in my home town. 4 days ago detective Landis followed me on my motorcycle as I was going to my doctors office. He pulls up to me at a red light and said did you get your licence back I said yes and drove away. He pulls up to me at a stop sign and said if I do not pull over he was going to charge me with evading. I did and he called another police officer to issue me a ticket so him name was not on it. I need help no one will do anything about this corrupt police officer.

10:08 PM  

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