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Grants Pass Schools; North Middle, Parkside

Grants Pass Schools; Thanks to North Middle, Parkside Elementary

North Middle School Grants Pass, Oregon
In this post I would like to express my thanks to North Middle School and Parkside Elementary School of Grants Pass Oregon for the many of the staff’s excellent care of my children, in particular Timothy (who has high functioning autism) and Danielle (who is/was also need some special education).
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While this may not seem like much to point this out, I would like to preface this post by stating my school years were terrible with one teacher who was beyond reprehensible (many of my classmates have confirmed this at my most recent reunion), as well Michelle has had difficulties with poor school staff care at GPHS and at Palm School in Hacienda Heights, CA.
So for me this is very refreshing to see excellent staff care by these two schools.

Starting with Parkside Elementary School, both Timothy and Danielle has had excellent teachers starting with Mrs. Hammervold for his first grade class who was an awesome Christian that showed both love, yet firmness he needed (she also has a special needs child herself which probably helps with her understanding). Timothy finished school with Mr. Pinster who also was excellent in dealing with Timothy’s difficulties such as not understanding when to speak.
The special education teacher is Mrs. Cutillo who although she had a difficult start with Timothy, she never gave up and really tried with the best of her abilities to help both us (me and my wife Joanne) and others at school mainline Timothy.
Mrs. Cutillo also did an excellent job with Danielle, although she was much easier to work with, so it is her work with Timothy that impressed me over the years.
The year end trip to the coast to see tide pools full of starfish and other sea life (as well as Ocean World and more) for graduating 5th graders is a neat event as well that provided my kids with awesome memories.
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Joann Pilcher was the vocal music instructor who did an excellent job with Danielle and deserves our thanks as well.
Finally the principle is Diane Mease whom took much over her valuable time to help with Timothy.

North Middle School has had all three of my kids. Michelle (my oldest) was home schooled by my sister who is a College instructor by profession as she was not ready for elementary school when we first moved here while Dr. Safko counseled her through difficulties thrust upon her while in the Los Angeles area (he still continues to see her as of this blog entry and does an excellent job in earning her trust, while attempting to help her deal with her the past and more importantly how she deals with the present).

Starting with the principle; Mr. Dan Smith, I cannot say enough about him, as I consider him a friend and probably the best principle anyone could ask for their children.
He is a compassionate and understanding person who understands others struggle in (he also has a special needs child, which I personally think helps him understand others). It is clear he loves the kids in his charge and treats them, his staff, and parents with respect, as well he is a good Christian man that does not wear this on his sleeve, rather he shows this through his actions (which is what I believe the Bible truly asks of us).
See this blog post: My Thoughts Standing for Truth

There are too many teachers to name them all and although some have not been as good as others (I recall a science teacher that was not fair to Michelle), this has been the exception and the as a whole most have been excellent. The special education teachers that help Timothy and Danielle have been very patient & understanding.

Grants Pass High; since I am primarily writing this post thank those who have helped change some of my views towards public schools, I will not comment too much here, as so far I am much less impressed with this schools dealings with Michelle, in particular the Counseling Department that cannot seem to even contact others such as her counselor that has spent years with her, nor deal with the horrible teasing she receives.
I will leave it at this for negatives (maybe another post someday for this subject).
I will say that Mr. Dennis DeCasas (a special education instructor) has been excellent with my daughter and it shows in how she relates to him and how he genuinely cares for students in his “care” (Ken Belcher was also an excellent teacher that showed genuine compassion toward her).

BTW, I recommend concerned conservative Christian parents avoid the website GreatSchools.net as this website ONLY publishes concerned parent letters that meet narrow minded editorials that are only positive or “pseudo negative”.
This is unfortunately common nowadays where many could do well to Read Luke 10 and the parable of the Good Samaritan and stop following in the dishonest actions of President Obama

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