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DHS, DCS, CPS; Oregon, LA, Children Protective Service Abuse of Authority


DHS/ DCS/ CPS/DCFS Abuse of Authority Problems In particular Oregon DHS

Updated 5/29/14

DHS, DCS, CPS, DCFS, Oregon Children Services abuse of Authority, Evil CorrruptionThese government organizations are among the most out of control in my experience, I can speak in particular to Children’s Services in Oregon and California.

While I am sure there are good and well meaning persons employed at these government agencies, there are no boundaries for the abuse of authority the exists in these agencies. Many of these social workers have no respect for the constitution of the USA and will make themselves the judge, jury and executioner while ignoring due process.
These government organizations under the UNCONSTITUTIONAL assumption of guilty until proven innocent!! I know from both my and many others experience as well as two persons I know that have worked for DPS/DHS that confirmed this is the assumption they operate under.
Simply put these are EVIL government agencies that are TOTALLY out of control.
Frankly if I had any political power, these evil agencies would be totally shut down nation wide!!

I have been given this rather poor example to support their actions: “they need to act quickly to prevent potential harm to the children in question”.
Unfortunately while this may help some children, how many are also harmed due to false or inaccurate accusations? More importantly, if I were to take the same actions against the real cause of harm to my family (more on this later), and take action without going through proper legal channels, I would end up in jail, so why are these social workers allowed to break the law while an ordinary citizen would be accused of vigilantism?

In my family's most recent problems with Oregon DHS was a VERY sad example of persons that had no business being employed as a worker as all the facts that were easily found (many as public record) were grossly overlooked.
As a side note the Grants Pass Police also have mishandled the issues that have led up to this problem and the arrogance of the desk sergeant I spoke with as to the departments behavior was both immoral and extremely lacking in any compassionate. See: Grants Pass Police; Issues with Integrity

This most recent problem started with my oldest daughter who has or has had issues such as Neurosensory Dysfunction, Asbergers, common puberty issues, and most importantly; mental harm that resulted from a person that harmed her after taking advantage of my wife during a mental breakdown due to severe depression and more several years back while still in California. It is noteworthy that she was under the care of a trained Childrens's physiologist/therapist at the time too.
This last issue still is buried in ways where she will remember then totally forget and deny what she earlier have told us. We believe this is the result of this person threatening to kill her if she said anything!!

Her therapist here in Grants Pass that has been working with her since her emergency arrival here (we flew her ahead of the family to protect her), is aware of this (he has been an awesome person I might add that has achieved Michelle’s full trust allowing for him learn much from her), the Grants Pass PD is aware of the veiled threats sent to us and the fact she still has severe nightmares of harm from him, unfortunately they have done little to help, unlike the LA Sheriff which kindly kept in contact with my family before we moved. I also noted this to her school counselor early in the school year.

Sadly however when she had one of her common melt downs, where she made suicidal statements (although those who know her well, know that although she can be deeply depressed, she is not suicidal), her school counselor brought DHS into the problem, totally bypassing me, even her therapist and others that know the truth (such as those from our church who we spend many camping trips with and know our family well, or my sister who acted as her mother when my daughter was first moved to Oregon); since my daughter has been made to believe many lies, in part from threats of harm (that are documented) from the man in Los Angeles CA., she quickly made statements about me that mirror 100% documented emails and other statements made by this person.

DHS in their apparently man/father hating attitude “ran with this”, not conducting any real investigation such as even consulting with her long term therapist. They convinced my other children and worse even my wife (who struggles with being easily suggestible) that I had issues of anger which are far from the truth (I do struggle with bitterness issues, but I am much better in this in part due loving help of others including church counselors).

The other issue I was falsely accused of was being controlling. HOWEVER going all the way back to high school and even currently in an Aquarium forum I host, I have been correctly told that I am easily walked over and I am totally the opposite of controlling; so this accusation was so preposterous it is downright evil and scary.
In fact most persons from neighbors to co-workers have accused me of being "lacking any control over my family or others in my sphere of influence", and most persons including counselors have stated that it is my wife when she is suffering from depression that is very subtly controlling!
Simply asking those who have known me over my life would have told any COMPETENT social worker the truth as to this, but then truth is a foreign concept to these persons.

Other accusations were made that I spent too much time with my business and online answering the many questions I get from persons seeking help with their aquarium or pond problems. This admittedly had some truth to it as I did spend many late hours answering questions, but I have cut back here (to the anger of many now who send me rude emails).
As well I worked many hours starting at 4 am collecting cans/bottles to pay our bills.
Sadly this could have been avoided if the Oregon Trail (Food Stamps) allowed us into the program, but we were not since I was self-employed. What was evil here is that my wife was even counseled by the DHS that she would get Food Stamps if she left me......WOW!
Reference: Oregon Trail, Food Stamps

A scary/evil aspect of this was that my life insurance policy was inquired as to benefits, with the obvious thinking this action might cause me to take my life, and when couple this with the fact that many of these false charges were hand written and NOT in my wife’s hand writing, this smacks of an evil that is beyond comprehension.

This resulted in my family being removed literally in a matter of hours while I was away on a business trip. This caused much trauma to my two younger children, especially my autistic son who amazingly saw through the lies. DHS also convinced my wife to place a restraining order on me based on so many lies I will not even add them here.
On a positive note, I had an outpouring of support as to this horrible and dishonest restraining order by many at our church who knew these charges to be outright blatant lies, since many camp with us and know that I have ALWAYS been the familyies primary giver. As well since I work out of the home (to take of my special needs kids), the two persons that have spend much time there also knew that the total opposite of these charges was the truth. Since I am the primary care giver, the kids could not get to their karate classes, were latch key kids, were not fed the home cooked balanced meals I provided, and more.

Thankfully during a hearing, the judge immediately questioned the truthfulness of these charges, and with a court full of person that knew the truth the restraining order was thrown out after he asked my wife if she really wanted to go forward with this more and she quickly saw that this was going nowhere.
Unfortunately it took the Grants Pass PD a few months to respond to this (but then again they could have helped with this problem, but chose not to and the desk sergeant even laughed at me in a later phone call).
As well, with the help of many truly caring persons, that knew and sought the truth, my wife and I are now back together.
Here is a quote from a friend (John L) as to the problems with Oregon DHS and GPPD:
unfortunately those w/ authority do not seem to act under the principles of what God intended for the betterment of mankind - keep faith my friend - good will prevail over evil eventually - at least that's what I keep telling myself (12/02/09)

Sadly though, the case worker, finally contacted me to get “my side” (weeks later??) and even when presented with evidence that was overwhelming (including eyewitness testimonials, hate emails from the person that is the real cause, and MUCH more), she still made this horrible statement:
“I believe your daughter should still not be with you”.
I later spoke with an attorney and others who know this DHS worker and this Attorney basically stated that she does what she wants to; regardless of the facts (essentially Jesus Christ could tell her she was wrong and she still would argue she is correct).

What is scary to me as to Human Services/Children’s Services/ Children’s Protective Services; is this is a similar response a case worker gave me after this person that is the cause of the initial problems back in Los Angeles after this man would call DHS/DCS to make false charges against me so as to deflect his own crimes against my family.

In the last incident back in LA, I had already flown my daughter to Oregon to protect her, yet the case worker responding to the "anonymous" charges that I was abusive the day before told me after I attempted to give her evidence to the contrary (such as the fact that my daughter has not even been in LA for a few weeks at this time) told me this: “It is not my job to investigate your evidence, rather to protect your children from you”. I could go on about what a psychopath this person who harmed my daughter and family is (causing great financial harm as well and me to abandon my business in LA of 25 years as my family was what is most important to me), but would rather not open up this can of worms.
See my business bio:

Hopefully someday some Politicians with the moral fortitude will do something to rein in the power bestowed upon these government agencies, as although they may help some families, they have often harmed families as well (I still am picking up the pieces from the harm DHS/DCS has bestowed upon my family). What is also sad is they were there with armies of persons to tear my family apart, but were nowhere to be found to put my family back together. Thankfully through the Love of Jesus shown through my sister Jan, my Brother in Law Cary and MANY at Bethany Presbyterian (that filled the court room), fellow co-workers, my previous partner from my old business (these persons worked out of the home and see how my family really is cared for) we are putting things back together once more.
See: My Thoughts, answer to prayers

I still worry, as my daughter still has much to deal with, as well my younger daughter is learning delayed and my son is autistic, so this places much stress on our family. This means we need loving and HONEST support.
As well the apparently corrupt Grants Pass PD has not shown it can truly care about the care for its citizens; they are too busy writing traffic citations for non existent violations, banging back doors to homes (about fireworks?), correcting citizens how to address a sergeant over an officer, & training their officers to lie IMO.

What was also interesting (& scary) is my autistic son saw through the lies told to him and my middle daughter by this monster that worked for Oregon CPS; “I know this is not true Dad”. Sadly he does not deal well with this type of stress and it showed and I was worried about him during this time.

I can say on a positive note that God did use this horrible evil for good (as He often does), such as bringing my family closer together in many ways and help me and my wife realize what is most important in life. As well this even helped me realize who our fiends were and who my were not my friends as others that I did much for in the past were quiet during this time when they could have shown Christian Integrity. Thankfully far more persons fit into the prior than the later.


While I have seen abuse of authority in many aspects of government, nothing I have witnessed has come even close to the total ignoring of the facts and the downright destructive evil that was exhibited by the Oregon DHS (although Los Angeles County has similar issues).

Here are a summary of facts that the Oregon DHS brazenly ignored:

  1. My daughters mental health history & Asbergers diagnosis that is well documented with her therapist, doctor, and others

  2. My wife also has a documented history of mental health issues in part due to severe postpartum depression (not that this makes her a bad person) and this includes her easy manipulation by others when a given situation is difficult. This also includes multiple affair issues during her mental breakdowns with a person that is clearly Psychopath (btw, this is not my opinion either, but others more qualified than I), and mental hospitalization from post partum depression (by her own family I might add) as she was considered a threat to her child (at the time, not now)

  3. The ignoring of well documented communications from an established Psychopath that took advantage of our family and continues to make either veiled threats or win my wife back.

  4. The failure to ask those that are closely involved with our family such as members of the Holy Rovers Camping Group that has "lived" with our family and has witnessed us warts and all and was willing to testify as to the real truth (also employees that came to my house to work since I have worked out of my home off & on for more than a decade)

  5. The dozen of documents including receipts of strange spending sprees that show exactly the opposite of what the Oregon DHS alleged

  6. The clear manipulation by the Oregon DHS of my children that was obvious to other that later spoke to my kids (this is/was downright evil IMO)

Hopefully one of California or Oregon's more moral state representatives will work to either totally re-organize the Oregon DHS, California DHHS/CPS or simply dump these blatantly evil (IMO) state agencies (the same goes for many other similar agencies across the USA).

Here are other complaints about DHS/DCS/CPS:

From: We signed the "We are asking For: Victims of Child Welfare Memorial Day" petition!

* “My 2 grand children were taken from my son on false allegations and phone calls. C.P.S. just came and took them without a investigation. Soon to find out it was all lies and no probable cause. Because C.P.S. Failed to follow their own procedures and policy by not investigating, my 2 grandchildren are still in foster care.”

* “CPS social services should go more into depth with their cases, rather than pulling a child out of their home, and ripping their life apart, taking them away from their home, family, and siblings, just like they did mine. This needs to be taken seriously, my siblings and i were some of the lucky ones who resorted to family and friends rather than foster families who could have become abusive. My mother didn’t neglect us, or abuse us, CPS did. They have abused our whole life in just one day. God bless the children who died because CPS took them away from their families without the proper research, just their selfish thoughts of making money.”

*In a recent incident (noted from a close friend 3-9-12), the DHS was brought into a home to investigate simply based on a young girl's complaint about the food in her lunch prepared by her parents.
The facts from those her know this family is that she is a very "fussy" eater, but more importantly her parents are good care givers and the Oregon DHS had no business with their Gestapo methods going into their home, making false accusations and potentially removing this young girl.
But sadly this is how they often operate.

Update 5/1/13;
Once again a CPS Agency has egg on their face by their OUT OF CONTROL heavy handed dishonest handling of this incident of illegal actions against the Nikolayev family.

This story has received national attention, and maybe, just maybe, this will finally be the case that gets these evil government agencies shut down once and for all!
And then send the many evil persons that work for these agencies to the unemployment lines where there deserve to be!!

Here is the story:
Nikolayev family happy to be reunited with baby boy, but worried about future CPS visits

Update 9/21/09; ABC Good Morning America & other media outlets, blogs, etc. have reported a similar incident where Children’s Services and local police have reacted without any kind of investigation

In this case the employee that reported this couple is being criticized, but in my view the authorities share most of the blame as they did not investigate before taking action.

Sadly, this also makes the many excellent police and Social workers jobs much more difficult, as these types of incidents further alienate the public from these government agencies and their heavy handed big brother actions.

As with me, despite many documents, including a PHd children’s counselor was never consulted. It took an outpouring of persons that knew my family well in court and a wise judge that threw this out before hearing 90% of the witnesses present (including our church camping group, co-workers that work out of my home with me, and many more; that knows how much time I spend as the person that feeds and provides most of my children’s care)

Anyway, here is the article:
Bath Time Photos Prompt Child Porn Allegations

Other References:

Grants Pass Oregon

Websites from the Author of this article

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Websites from the Author of this article

I have been working in the business of professional aquarium and pond maintenance and design since 1978.
During this time I have carried out many research project as well, often becoming well known in my field in areas such as Aquarium/Pond UV Sterilization and Aquarium Lighting.
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Blogger CPSreform said...

You are right of course. You need to check out the following link at youtube.


You are not alone in what you are going through. The cost in terms of the destruction is much higher than anybody has ever permitted you to believe. Buckle your seat belt for this ride.

8:45 AM  
Blogger joanne said...

I was reported by my ex-husbands live in girlfriend who happens to be a high school counselor and a mandatory reporter. The report was blatantly false and she failed to tell DHS that she lived with my exhusband and my daughter's father. My daughter was taken from the home for over six weeks. It was not convenient for her to stay with her father so she was in foster care. It took me 9 months to get DHS understand that my exhusband was behind it. She is a public employee in a trusted position and used her status as a mandatory reporter to abuse me. My daughter was devastated. My exhusband chooses to rarely see our daughter so I do not understand why his domestic partner would use her position to go after me.

DHS says they can do nothing. I have filed a complaint with the Teachers Standards and Practices Commission. Probably nothing will happen.

6:40 PM  
Blogger kelley said...


11:11 AM  
Blogger Quattlebaum said...

recently we moved to oregon ourselves(wife,two children,mother-in-law and myself. my wife was stopped at an intersection while trying to figure directions to our apartment. the police arrived and promptly issued a dui and reckless endangerment of our daughter. three days later dhs came and took our children away. this included my son who was not in the endanderment report. god help us all when the state allows or even promotes this kind of action against its own people. david q

12:47 PM  
Blogger nippleguy said...

My ex-wife attempted to get out paying child support by calling DHS in Dallas, OR and saying i was sexually abusing my children. DHS Bought it and removed my children from our home while they "Investigated." They eventually dropped all charged, but then ordered me, the father, to enter into drug and alcohol treatment and Anger Management, because i yelled at our caseworker on the phone. Nine months later, DHS is still in our life, fabricating imaginary conversations and putting these fantasies before a judge. I don't know what to do. No one seems willing to listen to the truth. How can this sort of thing happen in our country?

7:17 AM  
Blogger tabitha said...

well i have seen alot of people get their children taken away for nothing but somebody getting pissed off and lieing they should not be able to do things like this to people my sister had a premie she only was 2lb.14oz when she was born dhs came into the pic when my niece was one she was the size of a five month old (due to the fact she was premature at birth) dhs came in and charged her with failure to thrive my sister got all five of her kids taken over this i will never see my nieces and nephews again because of a false allegation the oklahoma dhs has so many people sewing cause the kids are getting taken away and being killed by the foster parents

6:53 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

I can see that there are others who share in this experience but the bottom line is "What can be done?" There needs to be some kind of advocacy that helps parents who have been run over by this system and don't have the finances to fight!Our story and experience is backed up by documentation about our(?) DHS worker's unethical conduct and no one wants to listen! No judge wants to admit that they ignored the truth or made the wrong decision. The "ex" in our story used his family influence to "set up" the mother as a drug user. (she is not) After an illegal search and falsified results that were not thrown out of court(?) She is FOUR years down the road in fighting to regain her daughter! Does she still fight? ABSOLUTELY! BUT, she does not have the money to fight it with the legal expertise that she so desperately needs. So, do people who have no means to battle the legal system not love their kids or know how to care for them? Is that what the nation has come to? DHS needs to be brought to bear the burden of their misconduct! They need to be held accountable for their vigilante attitudes and unethical conduct. Due process applies to everyone. Innocent until PROVEN guilty is still the back bone of our legal system. Why do criminals get due process and not the parents who do not have the money to fight? We are still in the trenches and will continue to be until justice is served. God bless and keep all of you who have been manhandled by DHS and false accusations. Our hearts bleed for you with our understanding of what can happen to families and destroy lives in the blink of an eye.
Kristin Rodgers (friend of a DHS Victim)

1:52 PM  
Blogger Carl said...

Kristin, these are government agencies that have no respect for our constitution of innocent until proven guilty.

Sadly though with our nation growing more and more away from these values espoused in our constitution, there is little chance this will be corrected, and more likely it will get worse.

With the 21012 election of Barack Obama for a second term and his "government is our daddy" attitude, you and I are going to see these DHS agencies even run more away with our rights while those in power look the other away.

5:29 PM  
Blogger scaredgma said...

I can't believe there are so many people out there going thru this. i moved here from CA w/my Grandchidren. I'm afraid to post any details but DHS took them 6 months ago. i needed their report to fight for them ad it took 6 months for them to get it to me. Its full of lies. I can't even find a lawyer to take the case. Isn't there a way we could all meet & do something to make people see? I'm ready to be heard.

10:22 PM  
Blogger Carl said...

Sorry for your problems.

I too am ready to be heard and have written those in authority, however we very sadly live in a time where no one in authority has ANY moral character, whether Democrat or Republican as I have written both about these severe and unconstitutional issues and at best have gotten form replies or lies via phone.

As well the news media has the power to make these problems public, but they are even of lower moral character yet.
In my humble opinion, the only hope is God and not trusting in men/women to do what is right.

8:08 AM  
Blogger Fish Man said...

With the cover up by the Sacramento CPS of the Nikolayev family incident, may these people will be exposed.

I personally have a brother in law that was not once but twice wronged by these evil bastards.

1:36 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

UPDATE, CPS HAS TAKEN MY 5 CHILDREN OUT OF MY SAFE COTTAGE GROVE HOME. I need all the help i can get. False statements, no search warrant, absolutely feel framed, contact me at mamabigtree@yahoo.com

10:13 PM  
Blogger Anna Glendenning said...

I am currently dealing with a DHS--closed file and a caseworker whom feels it is acceptable to send information to another state in a custody dispute about a closed file for a false allegation. There has been a full criminal investigation of the Person accused--and nearly a year it has been closed with NO Charges... The case is closed--yet letters claiming this person is a"Threat of Harm" have been sent to another state to include in the custody issue. This person is living in another household with children--and the people in that home have Not been contacted that the person is a threat of harm. Again there have Never been charges made--and everyone has closed the case--but, a DHS worker feels it is okay to send threat of harm letters to courts in other states? No clue what to do or how to resolve this issue?

9:02 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Me and my husband just had all four of our kids taken out of our home. We have a nanny cam and it showed while we were at work and kids at school they opened my front door with two officers and searched my house . This is at 1pm and my was in there until 3:45 and then went to there car and waited on my kids to get off the bus at 4pm. Once again they came back into my house and took my kids because we left them home for a hour until we got off work. They are 9 10 11 and 13. Charged us with neglect. We havent seen them or talked to them for two months. My question is can they do that? Come in without anyone being there? Also there is a new law that states that they have to have a removal warrant before taking a child from there home.

3:09 AM  
Blogger Carl said...

Sorry to read this Brandy!

Constitutional, no they cannot and this unfortunately is where you will need to get a lawyer.

These government workers are self appointed judges that have liberal biases where by they think they know more than others, and FACTS be damned to them.

I know of a DHS worker with a Master Degree that cannot even handle a mildly autistic child in their church nursery where they sometimes volunteer.
Is this the kind of person that should have power over our children???

Sadly, and my apologies for making this political, but from a person I know who used to work for CPS, she noted their abuse of power continued to grow, and with persons such as Obama and his types of views now so pervasive of a very powerful government, these problems will continue to grow

1:56 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

I need to be heard because of State of Oregon DHS on the unfairness that my family and I suffered from them. I have PTSD (over 10 years) DHS used this against me by stating it hinders me from taking care of my children. My husband and I had an altercation at home. He was arrested for DV and been incarcerated since March 2013. Lost my kids custody due to this that month, and was charged unable to protect due to PTSD. They have coerced and threatened me and to take the children if I don't file for divorce. My free lawyer did not bother to defend me or guide me and was left alone in the dark and agreed on doing what DHS wants. However one day June 2013, my neighbor called stating I was possibly beating my son outside the home in the parking lot and my oldest daughter was the actual person that was outside with him but the LE was called. I did not beat my child I was disciplining him. I was not arrested by LE however DHS came to my house and I was told to leave my own home and they took my children away and didn't see them till after a week. I wasn’t charged for Physical abuse but charged with inappropriate discipline. It’s been 4 months since and I only see them once a week for 2 hrs. and phone call for 10 mins. I have been compliant to all services (Parenting, DV, PTSD group and individual) however they still wanted me to stop communicating with my husband. The court ordered no contact w/ him. Now they using this also as an excuse to not give me my children back, even if they never took the kids due to the DV in the first place. Four months after the arrest they did not check on our well-being or put services in our home but all of a sudden they started it on the day they took the kids away. The criminal court cannot even prove it. We were arguing and the kids heard it and because the kids were at home they made his charge as a felony. In addition to this my 16 year old son lives with me. He used to live in his father’s house but due to him hitting my son my child decided to live with me. Law enforcement was there and did not arrest his father and told my son to get back to the house even if he had a black eye and scratches all over his face. DHS was called and they did not do anything about it. They knew he lives with me and no Abuse or DV is happening in my home and never they check on his well- being if they are so concern about my PTSD. DHS has been doing a lot of things that I feel illegal or violated my right as a citizen please help me and my family. I fired my lawyer due to misinterpretation and break down of communication for she is not willing to fight for my family and wanted me to lie on my communications with my husband to be able to get my children back. This feel so wrong for I want to stay honest and they do not want to hear my honesty but easier for them to break my family apart. Right now The Governor’s Advocacy & Oregon Herald opened an investigation on DHS due to myself requesting their assistance. However I need a lawyer to proceed on this case.

2:10 AM  
Blogger InFocus|Photography said...

Milanie Manlulu Allen,
I'm sorry to hear what's going on with your family. It is a very hard spot to be in. Everyone involved with this blog post has had their experience with DHS, mostly poor, so we completely understand where you are coming from. In your case, it does sound like DHS is play the Judge, the Jury, and the Executioner. This is that hardest part of DHS that I know of. Of course, I have not experience everything you have gone through, but from the way you are describing your situation, it sounds unfair. They should not use PTSD against you, especially due to the service you have done for this county. See, this is why DHS should not have the final say, it should be the court system that handles this issue and you should not be kept from your children. This IMO is just as hard on the children and will leave a lasting impression. I know there is not much I can do for you, so I will keep you in my prayers. I'll pray your family is brought together through this mess.

4:15 PM  
Blogger kaleigh said...

My 2 year old daughter was taken by dhs as well :( For a month and a half my daughter was acting diffrent. She visited her real dad was the only new un her life. She started doing things which made me be concerned about someone touching her. I took her ti the doctor, called cps (myself) armani center for abused children... they all didnt tKe me serious or put it in the back burner. They also said she was to young to talk with a counselor. So after that month and a half of me trying to figure out what was going on with her and keeping her with me losing work..her father or some hater called dhs they showed up and took my daughter! The allegations against me are that i threatned to kill my daughter or pkur boiling water on her face. I havent seen my daughter or talked to her for 2 weeks. I need my daughter to live! I cant believe they expect her to just think i died and hkw are they looking for the best jnterests fir her bg just ripping her away from me! Ive been jumping through their hoops.. but im a damn good mom.. i honestly dont feeel guilty for anything

8:42 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...


4:40 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

My name is Christeen and I am a 44 year old mother of five, step Mom to five more. I did not produce these children with severeal different men, I have not and never will do any hard drugs, nor do I drink alcohol more than three times a year. I have some college, but never managed to finish while raising my kids.
Now....My heart is broken and I am still trying to pick up the pieces. After leaving an abusive relationship due to alcoholism, I was forced to jump out of the frying pan, and directly into the fire. I managed to find a place to live because I was being evicted due to a domestic violence incident and received a grant to move in, with many promises made by the landlord (Eric Webber...and he is a SLUMLORD!)to give me a heat source and fix many problems with wiring and siding. He never fixed anything and then turned to threatening me with eviction. I had been trying to earn and save enough money to move, which is very difficult when you have eviction proceedings against you (even if you won!). I then suffered a series of unfortunate events.I was diagnosed and continually suffer from Fibromyalgia, stress playing a huge part on my funcionality. My car broke down, my ex husband stopped sending child support, I became very ill and needed surgery and could not work. I made plans with family to move out here to help me while I was ill and they fell through. I made plans to move into a subsidized apartment, but did not qualify. $575.00 per month income was considered to be too much money to receive any type of cash assistance and not enough to receive housing help. My health continued to get worse and worse. I am seroously affected by temperatures and end up sick for days if I am in the heat or cold for too long.
As a result of my conditions, and in trying to consider what would be best for myself and my two teen boys, I made bad choices. I did not engage in parenting as I previously had been in my life. I asked my adult children for help and they criticized and refused to help me unless I followed their rules and parameters they felt were their right to place on me. Because I would not move from Medford and my oldest son from Portland did not agree with this decision, he called DHS and reported me for child neglect. He told them all about my horrible living conditions and that I would not fix the problems (I had asked so many government agencies for help I was exhausted of options!)
My biggest fault is having a boyfriend, a man that cares for me more than any human ever has. He is the opposite of all of the abusers in my life. I have been hit, beat, raped, pushed and made to feel that I have no value as a human by others. I know what it is to be hurt and to suffer. I only ever wanted my children to never have to experience those things, at the hands of a person they trusted or otherwise. I don't spank, I use understanding and love in my parenting. According to DHS and my oldest son I am a failure.
During my intake interview with a pusillanimous pencil-pusher named Paula Baca I was crying hysterically because my children had just been taked from me. I was actually in the middle of moving all my belongings (and that of my children, without ANY assistance from my family)to move in with my boyfriend while she was following me around and saying horrible things. I reacted quite emotionally, which seems to not ever a consideration (is this because they are, in fact, devoid of human emotion??). My words were taken and twisted to the judge, and if you try to defend yourself at the "hearing" or at any other time, they very quickly tell you that you don't have the right to speak. If you have a person that stands up for you then that person is considered hostile and a danger to the safety of the children, and they are also judged, and then unceremoniously convicted....by a bunch of FAT CHICKS WITH CLIPBOARDS!!!!

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Blogger Unknown said...

I'm in this same boat with DHS in Medford, or. My wife's mental state is deteriorating as a result of my two Children have been sent to community foster care. This was done because our case worker undermined our help from ACCESS for housing and I caught her. I confronted her about it and my children were removed. The story is long and repressing. I a currently working on obtaining documents that will prove that the caseworker has done nothing but lie. But I believe that the Judge(S) are in the EVIL scam together. I wish I could find someone to help me with this matter.

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Blogger Carl said...

Daniel Landberg; sorry to read about your struggles.
You are in my prayers.

The problem is while there might be many excellent well many persons working for DHS/DCS, there are many who have no boundries and act as Gods and even when proven wrong will never admit it.
The real problem IMO is that there are no checks and balances. You have more rights as an accused murderer than if DHS/DCS accuses you of anything.

This is where we need to elect strong leaders, but I have my doubts that anyone whether Republican and especially Democrat will ever call out the corruption within the DHS/DCS system

2:46 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Neighbors in my Monmouth neighborhood called me in for "unsupervised" children. They don't care how much proof you have to the contrary they just violate you anyway they can since all your children are to them is a $$$

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Blogger Unknown said...

I am in the same boat with you and I fill like there is nothing I could do because what ever the worker tell the judge and I try to say that the worker is a liar the judge tells me that I am a liar. I need help to. So let me know maybe we can help each other. My case is in medford Oregon

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