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What is a True Conservative; Conservatism versus Capitalism

What is Conservatism vs. Capitalism?
What more importantly; What is a True Conservative, Not necessarily what the Media or even many Republicans, Libertarians, or even what some Tea Party Members or Evangelicals Say it is

Updated 9/16/13

True Conservative, Abraham Lincoln, Capitalism, Doing Right(1) Conservatism is God based while capitalism is human based.

This is a core principle, and one where I respectfully disagree with blog posts such as "What Americans Mean When They Say They're Conservative.
In this blog he makes points to define a conservative and states; "A belief that it is imperative to preserve traditional morality, as it is articulated in the Bible, using cultural norms and the power of the state."
I agree with this first quoted statement, however he goes on to say: "An embrace of free-market capitalism, and a belief in the legitimacy of market outcomes." AND "Non-interventionism in foreign policy"

Sorry, but the second and third statement conflict with both the Bible (see point #6 of mine as to the parable of the "Good Samaritan") as well as his first statement

(2) Neither conservatism nor capitalism is exclusive to a particular political party. You can be a capitalist in either party, the same with conservative, although I think you will see more true conservatives in the Republican party.

(3) Capitalism seeks profit via any angle possible, even if others are hurt in the process, while conservatism seeks profit by helping others help themselves.
See this blog post: Criticism for Helping Others

The capitalist will also beg for government bail outs, all the while failing to recognize what brought them to this point, again hurting others in the process (such as tax payers).

The conservative will often get the help needed in tough times by others as long as they are in an honest God fearing society (which is unfortunately rare today, even among so called Christians). As this applies to government, the true conservative does not seek government bail outs or higher taxes, rather adjusting spending, etc.

Socialism is worse yet, it seeks gain by making others dependent on the giver, although the while the giver pats himself/herself on the back for being a "good person"

(4) A conservative will generally get the most out of his/her employees by treating them as humans and with respect, while a pure capitalist will take advantage, use , and then often discard employees.

(5) A True conservative IS compassionate and does not need to use terms such as "compassionate conservatism", while the capitalist has to use these terms to justify actions.
Unfortunately some Evangelical Christians do not seem get this, which is one of the reasons someone of Obama's charisma was elected (good or bad), as he filled the vacuum left by a few Evangelicals who have become capitalist thugs making others (such as myself) feel like losers because our life’s failures.
See: Do Evangelicals represent the Church of Jesus

(6) A conservative follows the principles of the Good Samaritan while a Capitalist walks across the street.
See: Good Samaritan; Standing for the Truth

This is where many “Ron Paul Libertarian Pseudo Conservatives” miss the boat in my view. Thinking what goes on in Europe, the Middle East, etc. is none of our business is not only extremely naïve as the events of 9/11 or WW2 prove, but even if this were true, it certainly does not follow the teaching of the good Samaritan found in Luke 10.

On a more personal note, this "Ron Paul" Libertarian viewpoint came close to destroying my family when persons that held this viewpoint of "looking the other way" while my family was destroyed by a predator that took advantage of my wife during a very dark time for my family (my son was very sick and my wide suffered severe postpartum depression).
My thoughts are SHAME on those who hold this non conservative viewpoint and then claim to be a conservative!!!!

(7) Being a Capitalist, a Republican, a Christian does Not make you a conservative.
Despite what many may think about China, I have many business dealings with China and while they might be considered a communist nation, in reality China is run as a pure capitalist nation (in the purest since of capitalism!), however what China is not is a Conservative nation.
The bottom line is China is a good example of how you can have a capitalist system apart from conservatism and why so many persons that often confuse conservatism with capitalism when nothing is further from the truth.

Sadly many capitalists (both Republican and Democrat) give conservatism a bad name do to their capitalist actions/views that lack conservative principles (examples might include Bill Gates, the founders of Google, our local politicians Greg Walden or Gordon Anderson

(8) Being a true conservative is NOTHING to be ashamed of, despite labels placed upon them by mis-informed liberals, or the media.

(9) A true conservative is conservative first, a Republican (or other party) a distant second and will pull the handle for the candidate that will uphold their beliefs in conservative integrity, whether it be a Democrat or a third party candidate.

(10) A true conservative is not condescending or arrogant. A Conservative will find out the facts first then judge later. Such is why politicians such as our local Congressman Greg Waldenor past State Representative Gordon Anderson whom have made flippant condescending remarks when asked for help are not true conservatives.
See: Greg Walden, lack of morals

(11)Humility is the ear mark of a true conservative, as outlined in Philippians 2:3-4
3 Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves. 4 Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others.
Again this is an area many RINO Republicans (such as the before mentioned Greg Walden or Gordon Anderson) show themselves to not be true conservatives despite being labeled as such!

(12) A true conservative does not participate in rumors (similar to #10), whether spreading, starting or even looking the other way. Truth MUST be found first before any honest judgments can be made.
This can be on an individual level, a government entity (such as DHS/DCS), a supervisor at a job (that is not interested in truth about a falsely accused employee), a Judge, a Politician, the media, a Law Enforcement Officer, or anyone else with the ability to exercise discernment.
See these references: DHS, DCS, CPS, Abuse of authority & Grants Pass Police Abuse of Authority

(13) A True Conservative takes full personal responsibility for their actions/situation. Even when one's situation is beyond one's control, one's actions generally are not.
This does not mean we will not make mistake, oh to the contrary, the difference is taking responsibility for these mistake.
This also means to do all you can to remedy the situation you are in, as well filing frivolous law suites certainly is not taking responsibility.

See also later in this article; Proverbs 10:5, to which one could apply this verse to this point of a being a true conservative.

Taking responsibility for ones own actions and situation is something the disgusting "Occupy Movement" has no concept of.
See Occupy Wall Street Hypocrisy

(14) A True Conservative is not a Narcissist, this is related to showing humility and taking responsibility.
A good example of a Capitalist that is NOT a conservative is Steve Jobs based on his narcissistic views as well as his lack of taking responsibility and lack of humility (it was always about Apple when he was copied, but never a problem when he "borrowed" from others, as well as his failure to take responsibility of a child he fathered, leaving this child and mother in near poverty while he made his billions).
I know many conservatives such as Rush Limbaugh (whom I otherwise respect) love to point out his business accomplishments (of which he has MANY); as human being he is NO ONE I WOULD EVER ASPIRE to be like OR desire his success if i ran my business like him.

(15) A true conservative recognizes the importance of respecting an honest and just government and its place in protecting its citizens.
However a true Conservative recognizes that Government too can steal, promote injustice, etc (such as what I have seen with the Oregon DHS).
As well, a true conservative does not turn a blind eye to such injustices committed by the State including Law Enforcement, which unfortunately I have seen many conservatives (even Sean Hannity in his blind support for law enforcement and whom I have great respect for otherwise, just because they feel a robotic need to respect these agencies.
The facts are wrong is wrong whether comes from pet agencies that are the "favorites" of the left or the right!!!!

This also applies to popular Politicians or their supporters, and this does not necessarily mean that a Politician that has committed a "wrong" is necessarily a bad person, but this applies to blind support for a Politicians bad behavior.
This is no better looking away from a child that is misbehaving, in other words we can still support our government, officials, police, agencies, etc. but we MUST call them into account when they are wrong and those that do not are most clearly NOT True Conservatives!

I observed this type of support first hand with the Oregon DHS and with blind support of our previous local state representative (Gordon Anderson) after he made the ludicrous statement that "17 year old employees should only have jobs at places such as McDonald's, not in middle management" (this after being confronted about a law that was holding back the advancement of a very highly qualified high school graduate that happened to be 17 at the time).

This web site/publication also addresses the principle of how we respect the "State":
The Truth Project Lessons

Here is an excellent quote from this publication/article:
"The civil magistrate must always remember his place under the sovereignty of God"

(15) Although many will define a conservative in a strict dictionary since such that they put “so-called” conservatives in a box by stating conservative only strive to preserve the past; while on the surface this may fit a tidy dictionary version of a conservative, but is 180 degrees wrong as to what a true conservative is as a true conservative would not embrace such past “traditions” as slavery which runs counter to the God given right of freedom.
This is a common practice of the mainstream media and liberals.

The bottom line is a true conservative only embraces the past or tradition if they are based in how God views us, not 100s of years of human based traditions or customs.
God sees us as all equal, created in His image, not to be taken advantage of by dishonest bosses/employers, government agencies, treated as less than equal, etc.
BTW, in my opinion, one can still be conservative even if agnostic/atheist as long as still believe in these points including the truths held in the Bible, just not a Divine Creator or Divine Inspiration of the Bible

(With comments after each verse)

Proverbs 10:5
He who gathers crops in summer is a wise son,
but he who sleeps during harvest is a disgraceful son.

This verse speaks to those that feel life owes them a hand out and why it is not conservative no matter how well intentioned to reward those for laziness

Proverbs 11:1
The LORD abhors dishonest scales,
but accurate weights are his delight.

This speaks to businesses that might be capitalist, but are certainly not conservative, which sadly there are far too many

Proverbs 10:11
The mouth of the righteous is a fountain of life,
but violence overwhelms the mouth of the wicked.

This verse (along with countless others) speak to the wrongs of spreading rumors or making false judgments, that sadly even Christians will participate in, as well the many government organizations such as the often corrupt Oregon DHS/DCS that are often out of control

Proverbs 10:17
He who heeds discipline shows the way to life,
but whoever ignores correction leads others astray.

Whether are corporate CEO, an entry level worker, a politician, a teacher, etc; no one is above correction and those that feel they are certainly are not a conservative.

*Some examples are a conservatively run business will treat other businesses with respect and employees with respect, all the while growing their business by example.
While the capitalist will squash other businesses and "throw bones" to employees to make themselves feel good all the while blaming most problems on the employees and running their business from the bottom up rather than the conservative way of the top down.

*Google is an example of a capitalist business that donates to many liberal causes all the while smothering small businesses with their immoral actions, often out of site of the "see no evil hear no evil" media.
See just this one of many examples: The Google Love Affair

*Many who lump the definition of conservative to a rigid dictionary definition will state that conservatives want to back to the days of clear cutting forests, destroying bison or other over the top methods of “taming our land, environment” regardless of consequences.
This is not a conservative as a conservative should be a steward of his/her environment/land, this means utilizing the land we are placed on, not abused.

Sadly ANWAR (Alaska National Wildlife Reserve) is a good example of the pendulum swing the other direction where we are also not stewards by locking up safely usable resources.

Slavery is another issue many will box conservatives into (forgetting what Abraham Lincoln stood for); although the Bible generally only addresses the custom of slavery, a clear reading of the ENTIRE Bible shows it is certainly not God’s plan.
For instance in I Timothy 1:10 the author lumps those deal in the slave trade with the worst of society: “for adulterers and perverts, for slave traders and liars and perjurers—and for whatever else is contrary to the sound doctrine.”

Revelation 21:6-7 clearly shows how we ALL will become God’s sons/daughters (both slave and free, man & women)
“He said to me: "It is done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. To him who is thirsty I will give to drink without cost from the spring of the water of life. He who overcomes will inherit all this, and I will be his God and he will be my son.”

*Here in my current home town, I unfortunately see this contrast all too often with many businesses and civic leaders patting themselves on the back for giving a dollar to someone in front of Wal-Mart or donating money to build a park (which is fine on the surface), all the while treating those that would lift themselves up via hard work like cr##.

Examples is the Oregon Food Stamps program that discriminates against the self employed with sarcastic employees.
See: Food Stamp Corruption, Bias against Self Employed

As well as arrogant Politicians such as Greg Walden.
Rays Food Place Also included are many prominent person and business owners that will critique me for recycling (telling me I am a loser, making up lies and worse) for trying to better my family which includes an autistic son and a daughter that was harmed by an evil presence that forced our family to move here in the first place.
This includes employees/managers at Ray's Food Place, Safeway and U-Save Market.

Since one tenant of a true conservative is personal responsibility, comments such as by a manager at Safeway that "they are responsible" if some gets hurt collecting cans is bogus, as we are responsible for our own actions and collecting cans to supplement one's income is taking responsibility for one's self, but blaming Safeway or anyone else for getting cut on a bottle, can, etc. negates any personal responsibility.
So my point is such comments should once more be judged on an individual basis and making such statements (such as this Safeway manager) flies in the face of point #10.

Hopefully some RHINO Republicans will read this and finally get the message, as the misunderstanding of what a conservative TRULY IS spans both Democrat AND Republican!
Otherwise history is destined to repeat itself if more Schwarzeneggers, Whitmans, Waldens, Gordon Andersons, etc. get elected and otherwise conservative persons look for “hope” in the wrong place.

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