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Most of the subjects are based on reading and study and well as real life experiences (my field is aquarium and pond research and information as well as business)

Next Gamestop Stock Pick due to propane bottle shortage from Pandemic:
Propane Containers; Worthington Industries- Pandemic Fallout 2021

Post Election Business; Obama

Post Election Stock Market Crash; The future of Small Business and the Stock Market in an Obama Presidency
As well as the effect of Obama on the Paper Recycling Market (used paper prices)

I already have noticed that ABC News and others are already running interference for President-elect Obama defending him in the continuing post election stock market crash.

Yes there are many factors driving this, however the primary one is fear of his socialist anti-business agenda (these comments do not help: “So if somebody wants to build a coal-powered plant, they can; it's just that it will bankrupt them because they're going to be charged a huge sum for all that greenhouse gas that's being emitted”).

I know I am selling what is left in my retirement account to use now to make alternative plans for my family rather than sitting around waiting for what his next anti-business move will be. I know others that own small business that are planning similar moves.
Part of the problem is not just what this horrible man does, but the rhetoric he uses that stirs up so much hatred for any business. I cannot tell you how much nasty emails I get with persons expecting this and that for free, especially shipping despite my costs often being $8 for a $10 item.
On Wednesday (Nov.5) I got a nasty phone call from someone accusing us of being dishonest for charging an extra $1 for phone orders; well let me tell you as a very marginal internet business owner, the time alone it takes to process a phone order over an automated online order is often 15-30 minutes PLUS the higher process fee, however just looking at the time issue, on a common $10 order this is $5 in employee time so quick math tells you that it does not even come close to covering expenses (on larger orders it is less of a problem from this aspect). We even sat down and thought this out, if EVERY order was via phone our meager 2-3% profit would become a loss due to time spent.

Paper Market
BUT what is even less known to many is the paper market. I have collected paper over the years as a way to supplement my income and taken this to the large Sonoco Mill in LA. Anyway I am trying to figure out the best course of action for my business/family and I am planning to spend less time with my business and information site research and thought I should check paper prices; to my horror it has gone from $130 per ton to $50 per ton since the last time I checked two weeks ago, it has not been this low since the 1990s under Clinton ($40 per ton).
What many may not know is that this company buys scrap paper to turn into shipping tubes/boxes that are sold to businesses, this company buys paper based on FUTURE needs of paper for business, and since most goods are shipped via boxes these days (including internationally) this commodity is very much driven by what experts see as the real future of business in the coming years.

I was hoping the paper market would hold up so as to supplement likely worse business income and more time wasted with nasty customers that will expect even more for nothing in the Obama anti-small business climate, but I am screwed here as well.

More from the False Messiah
What is also sickening is the “swooning” of everyone over this False Messiah (Obama), it is eerily cultic and is almost like they think he is a God, just watching Oprah Winfrey made me want to barf.

Personally I hope I am wrong, but the trend in hate is already apparent, and I already decided to stop wasting so much time with article research and will cut back time on Forums even more so that I can spend more time picking up recycling or any other way to bring income to my family. I am also going to explore selling my business.
Here is my website with a list of my primary aquarium & pond information articles:

BUT this is likely to be just one my nail in mine in my family's coffin by the selfish attitude that has over come our once great country, please see this blog for more in this subject:
"My Thoughts"

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