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A new low in US History;

A new low in US History; The election of Barack Obama the False Messiah

Idiots who voted for Obama, Video

We finally sank to a new low as a Nation by electing the False Messiah as the President.
He has deceived millions with his easy to dispel lies if only the media had not helped. He stands for Infanticide (he voted against the born alive amendment in the IL legislature), against Israel, against hard working persons. He has inspired millions that anyone who has something should not have it. He reminds me of the evil that has infected mine and my family’s life by inspiring many to look at and believe words over actions, in fact his actions and rhetoric are EXTREMELY SIMILAR and painfully remind me of the exact views others have taken of me based on lies and deceptions, while others that new the truth hid and said nothing!

While I seriously doubt Obama is a Communist and certainly not the Anti-Christ (as some have implied), he certainly is a Socialist.
It is bad enough for all the uninformed who believe what is mine is theirs, I once more feel let down by all the Christians that voted for this false suit.
But then this should not surprise me, and maybe I am the idiot for believing Christians actually listen to God or follow his teaching by looking at the "fruit" (deeds and actions) rather than words (such as rumors or lies).
This is how I and my family has been destroyed (& we are continued to be destroyed by these rumors and lies) and I guess this is where we are going in this world. I guess doing what is right means nothing in this world and this election only confirms this.
See: Doing Right in Life

My only hope for our nation is that those who disagree and stand against evil will let democracy run its course as the best way to defeat this person and the evil he will likely bring to Israel, our Nation, and type of view has already brought on my family (heck we live well below the poverty level yet cannot get any help such as food stamps due to government tabulations that the False Messiah favors.
By letting democracy run its course, we can throw him out of office via legitimate means after (hopefully) the American people wake up to what Socialism really is and that this guy stirs up dissension in way unheard of since other evil persons in history.

I pray for patience on those few who did stand up against evil (although this has been rare in my life personally) to let the False Messiah trip himself up (along with his cohorts Pelosi and Reed), so give him time to show his true colors.
OR maybe I am dead wrong and this guy will be awesome (yeah right and pigs will fly some day too).

Hopefully in 2012 the lights we go off in voters heads and in in the next election cycle we will finally get a better president than we have had in many years. If our next president is a Republican, he/she will lead better than Bush and stand up to the Media lies better than Bush and most lame ass Republicans!!!

Back Obama the false Messiah, 666

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