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Plumber does the Medias Job

It took a Plumber confronting the False Messiah Barack Obama to Expose him for the Socialist his really is

The False Messiah, Barack Obama was campaigning door to door when a self employed Plumber asked the False Messiah a question the morally bankrupt media should have a long time ago, that is about what he REALLY believes what and how is view of taxes entails. He basically admitted that we need to "spread around the wealth" via a socialist re-distribution.
The problem with the False Messiahs tax plans and views of government is that he really has NO understanding of business and what the costs are. His tax credit for hiring is a joke that does not even come close to the costs of hiring a skilled employee and of coarse he taxes on small business that make over $250,000 does not take into account the real costs and profit margins, this is the kind of reason that got me denied Food Stamps even though I make well under the poverty level, but I am self employed.
See: Oregon Food Stamps dishonesty

For tax plan comparisons (Obama/McCain), please see this site:
Presidential Candidate Tax Plan Comparison

For what a small business really generates in gross income (not what the False Messiah says):
Obama’s Tax Plan and Small Businesses

Please view this video which really exposes the false Messiah for who he really is with his comment about "spreading the wealth around" (at least for those who have yet to drink the Obama Kool Aid):

Here is the full unedited video

Unfortunately too many selfish persons have drunk the Obama Kool Aid and believe his class envy lies.
I personally have worked hard all my life and currently am working 14 hours per day with little to show for this work in the last 6 years ($800 per month). However this is NOT the Governments job to take from others for my sake.
What is best for everyone as a whole is for less taxes and regulation, especially on oil drilling which would benefit ALL (including myself as fuel prices are a major operating expense for my business).

The problem is EVERYONE votes for they want, never thinking of others, and quite bluntly, if more persons were not so selfish, Obama would only be at 5% in the polls and my family would not be in the situation we are in, but then we live in an evil age as few will no longer stand up to lies as my family is testament to since lies and this type of corrupt thinking that Obama and the corrupt Media espouse are EXACTLY what the person that stole $80,000 (via credit), and harmed my wife and daughter fed one and worse are the persons that stood by and watched this go on without saying a word. I know several persons that are otherwise good persons that believe the lies of Fact Check.org about the False Messiahs vote for infanticide and other lies because he is change from the “hated” President Bush (who although far from perfect, has had his record destroyed by the media and others).

Honestly watching the Media and others swoon over the False Messiah Obama makes me sick and gives me little hope for my own situation as it is proof of the evil that has enveloped our society.

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