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George Stephanopoulos, Obama Kool Aid, Lies,


Updated 9/19/12
Originally Posted 10/10/08

George Stephanopoulos, The Lord Barack Obama and the Kool Aid

The fake Messiah,  Lord Barrack Obama, George Stephanopoulos and the Kool Aid ABC News should be ashamed with calling George Stephanopoulos a political analyst as he is simply a political hack for the Lord Barack Obama.
George states everyone is more worried about the stock market, and not the anger about the political system and not about the lies that the media is providing cover for the Lord Barrack Obama (& now President Obama).
A Town Hall rally has been totally been taken out of context by the media where the newsies use editing to portray those in attendance as crazy or off the “deep end”. Many there and elsewhere ARE fired up by the possibility of the possibility of the most dangerously socialist to take the White House ever!!!

Most of my BUSINESS and personal contacts realize the Stock Market plunge certainly hurts their retirement portfolios, the most direct of this problem is felt by just a minority of persons.
All the while many in business (& elsewhere) I know ARE worried about a lying socialist, one who is far to the left of Bill Clinton and is propped up by the likes of lying media types such as the political and morally corrupt George Stephanopoulos becoming president.
See Also: List of Media Lies
See two of my business website:
*Aquarium Answers
*American Aquarium Products

This video is from the 2012 Republican National Convention where ABC liberal hack denies his and other liberal hacks in the news media bias!

This video shows the dishonest George Stephanopoulos even helping correct Obama for a slip up on camera, you would never see George Stephanopoulos do this for a more conservative candidate:

Sadly an admittedly weak republican presidential candidate (McCain) only lamely responds to Obamas and the medias lies, including as to why we were in Iraq, all the while the Lord Barrack Obama speaks of using our troops for humanitarian missions, was not Saddam Hussein a mass murderer?
The UN security council agreement for which the Fake Messiah constantly lies about our reasons for the invasion of Iraq; The UN Security Council passed Resolution 1441 by a unanimous 15 to 0 vote, which included Russia, China and France, and Arab countries, such as Syria. This gave this resolution wider support than even the 1990 Gulf War resolution.
See: Security Council Resolutions Concerning Iraq

What has many outraged across this great country is not that the Lord Barack Obama is who he is, but that the Press with morally deprived persons such as George Stephanopoulos are doing all they can to pass around the Kool Aid from the Lord Barrack Obama.

Of coarse it is not just the television media, but some so called "truth" websites such as FactCheck.org (which along with PolitiFact is nothing more than a left wing mouth piece). FactCheck.org tries to cover up the false Messiah's record on voting for Infanticide by making statements such as "he says he would have been "fully in support" of a similar federal bill that President Bush had signed in 2002, because it contained protections for Roe v. Wade."
Reference: PolitiFact Exposed

The facts are very clear. Obama initially said that he opposed the bill in Illinois because it didn’t have the “neutrality clause” included in the federal version of the legislation. As documentation proved, Obama voted against it even with the neutrality clause added.
See this article:
Infanticide, revisited

The bottom line is, words mean crap.
It is what a person does that matters and I and my family have found this out so painfully well is as of October of 2008, we live in utter poverty with no hope to climb out. This in part due to listening to persons who were are all words, but no action, this includes political right wingers too, such as our terrible Congressman, Greg Walden.
See: Greg Walden

What is so sad is that most persons I have seen interviews with, know personally, and even more sadly friends of my daughter know (My daughter Michelle is vastly more discerning than most her age, but then she has been through much after the Evil that entered our family several years back scarred her for life) that support the Lord Barrack Obama for the most part can not say why they like him just that he is awesome; How Scary!!

What is also scary is that many of the persons I know that support the fake Messiah Obama have literally no discernment and are the same persons that are willing to look the other way why my family was destroyed and lies were spread about us (me in particular), or worse are/were part of this evil attack on us.
References: My thoughts, the triumph of evil & About me, My bio

May God have mercy on all those that drink this Kool Aid for the Lord Barack Obama Cult and may the God also have mercy on the Nation of Israel as well if and when this dangerous man takes office (which I know that the True Lord and God will protect his people, but I still worry how many lives may be lost in the meantime while the fake Messiah, Obama negotiates with the evil that hates Israel.

Please view the VERY well done Video that does an excellent job of showing how the Fake Messiah Obama compares to other cultists in history (I recommend view all in this series (5) which can easily be found on YouTube)

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