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The Messiah, the Lord Barack Obama

The Messiah, the Lord Barack Obama and media worship

All the while the media digs for the most ludicrous dirt on Palin, they treat Obama like “The Messiah, the Lord Barack Obama, the Most Merciful”

They even help correct his interviews!!
Here is one with George Stephanopoulos:

STEPHANOPOULOS: "The McCain campaign has never suggested that you have Muslim connections. McCain said that that's wrong."

OBAMA: No, uh, well, uh, well, look, the -- the, uhhhh. Listen, uhhh, you and I both know that the minute that Governor Palin was, uh -- was, uh, forced to talk about her daughter, I immediately said, "That's off-limits.
STEPHANOPOULOS: John McCain did the same thing about questioning your faith.

OBAMA: And what -- what was the first thing the McCain campaign went out and did? They -- they said, uhhh, look, uhhh, his liberal blogs that support Obama (nervous laugh) are out there attacking Governor Palin. I mea- ih, uh, uh, eh, L-l-let's not play games. W-w-what I was suggesting, you are absolutely right that John McCain has not, uh, talked about my Muslim faith, and you're absolutely right that that has not come --

STEPHANOPOULOS: Christian faith.

OBAMA: Uh, M-my Christian faith.

What the Press misses
While the press tries there hardest to make up stories about Palin or distort her answers such as the Charlie Gibson Interview, they ignore the facts of Obama’s past such as what he really did as a community activist. Former students of radical Saul Alinsky hired Barack Obama to a $13,000 a year job as a community organizer in South Chicago. In a few years he became very proficient in the Alinsky Method of community organizing and became an instructor and teacher of the Alinsky Method to other community organizers.

Saul Alinsky who has written a book; Rules For Radicals.
Here is a quote from Obama’s Idols Book:
Satan the first Radical

Speaking of Biblical comparisons;

Susan Sarandon and Donna Brazile are comparing Obama to Jesus and Palin to Roman Governor Pilot:
Brazile: Jesus was a community organizer. Pontius Pilate was a governor, and perhaps they should understand the role of a -- a community organizer to help people in distress.

Here is Susan Sarandon on Entertainment Tonight, a reporter asked her what she thought of Sarah Palin.

SARANDON: Jesus was a community organizer and Pontius Pilate was a governor. That's all I have to say!

This Parody says it all (please click on the link below and the audio should open in your default Audio/video player):
The Biggest Story Ever Told

Of coarse Pilot was NOT an elected governor as is Palin and Jesus was NOT a community organizer, I as millions other believe he was the MESSIAH/God in Human Form!
Even if you do not hold to the view of Jesus as the Messiah, you have to have a rather twisted view of history to call him a community organizer, at the least he was a Prophet (even Muslins believe this!)

Personally I find Brazile and Sarandon’s remarks beyond offensive and shows just how out of touch and truly arrogant these people are. All I can say is may God have mercy on us all if this guy obtains power!!!!
I certainly bet Israel is praying he will not gain power (see this article: Barack Obama and Israel.

Charlie Gibson's Interview
I will not even go into detail her as all one needs to do is find snips on the internet and view them with an OPEN MIND. These interviews were edited and so slanted against Palin it was just plain sickening!!!!

I will not say that Palin is not without her baggage as am I or anyone else on this planet, but I would compare the questions and attacks as going after her scabs all the while totally ignoring Obama's gapping wounds.
When I went to ABS.com and viewed comments, the vast majority were against this interview which is interesting as I have gone there before and even when I do not agree with the story being commented on, most commenting will agree, so this really was eye opening as to how off base and clueless Charlie Gibson is/was.
ABC has lost me as a viewer of Good Morning America!

One more ridiculous press attack on Palin is trying to show her church (an Assemblies of God Church) in a bad light. While I do NOT agree with the Assemblies of God or quite bluntly and charismatic churches view, this was down right ridiculous as the Church Obama has attended for vastly more time was headed by someone who hates America, Israel, and embraces Terrorists. There is no comparison between these two churches.

I would also recommend visiting this blog post for more about the kinds of people that are on his staff:
I said all along he was a Marxist (or a socialist)

Wikipedia; Saul Alinsky .

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Judgment in Life, attacks on Sarah Palin, etc

Judgment in Life, attacks on Sarah Palin, etc.
This proves that to the media and others, that character does not matter!
*As well the Earmark lies spread by the Media/Obama

Palin Family, daughter, boyfriend I am writing this post to point out what I see as the judgmentalism that is so common in our society, media, and often on both sides of the political aisle (albeit the left tends towards major hypocrisy in this area).

I have found the attacks in the media on Sarah Palin for her daughter having a baby due to premarital sex and the fact that the person that got her pregnant is suddenly being paraded around with the family highly and ludicrously judgmental.

I myself have a 15 year old daughter who I know is very respectful of her beliefs in God and I feel also understands the repercussions of sex. I also know that my three (now adult) nieces were similar in there view of abstinence and none of them had to make the decisions that Sarah Palin’s daughter did after having sex with her boyfriend.

I like to think that my daughter will not be faced with this decision, however if she is and if the boy/man who is “responsible” for this is willing to step up to the plate and be a man, I know I would respect both her AND him. Yes I will admit that many of these marriages do not last, but some do and one must give others AT LEAST A CHANCE to succeed. Obviously sometimes the male half of this equation flees, but in Sarah Palin’s daughter, this is not the case.

The media has been hammering away about how suddenly the Levi Johnston (her boyfriend) is invited to the GOP Convention and “what kind of example does this set”.
What these judgmental persons are saying IMO is that “knock up the Governors daughter, go to Washington DC”. I disagree, although I do think this was bad judgment on the daughter and this young man’s part, forgiveness and understanding is far more important.

What I see is an understanding, loving, and forgiving woman that would quite bluntly based on this and the MANY accomplishments she has done (such as taking on party bosses in her own party) in such a short time make not only a great VP, but honestly I would vote for her in a heartbeat for President. Sarah Palin has impressed me with her record more than anyone in politics has in over two decades, I wish that more people behaved like her (of coarse with the media this is like expecting flying pigs to be serving free beer at all College and NFL Football Games)!!!

I find judgmentalism, whether from the political right or left utterly disgusting and my life has been destroyed and my own daughter and family in general hurt severely emotionally and financially by what has been 100% false judgments!!!!
Character does not seem to matter to anyone any more, otherwise I would not have suffered so many attacks for standing by my family even after my wife had a devastating affair with a Judas (who to this day is unrepentant and still seeking to divide and destroy our family) that harmed us, my daughter (she still needs counseling for this), and financially ruined us! If character mattered these attacks on Sarah Palin would not have happened and Barack Obama would be at around 10% in the polls.

For readers that are interested, you can read more about what these kinds of persons have heaped on me and my family in the blog:
“My Thoughts”

On another attack involving Sarah Palin; Barack Obama and his cohorts are attacking Sarah Palin on “earmarks” (pork) stating that she has voted or back more of these earmarks of Federal funding for Alaska than Obama and that Alaska is the #1 recipient of this type of federal funding.
While on the surface this may be true, when just a little honest digging for real truth is done, one finds out quickly that Alaska has more land owned by the Federal Government AS A PERCENTAGE OF AREA than any other state.
I being from county in Oregon (Josephine County) that also has mush of its land tied up (run by the Feds), that this takes away from the tax base all the while we still get visitors that come unto these public lands and then end up needing public service such as police or rescue (think Kim family, Nov. 2006). This is an over simplification, but it I am sorry, if the Feds are going to put lands off limits to the state, the state should be compensated.

So when you get down to these accusation by Obama and his willing media cohorts, this is a down right lie (unless they are that stupid, which with Obama’s I do not think he is stupid, however with the media stupidity is likely the case).

BTW according to the Anchorage Daily News Palin has requested 83 federal earmarks at a cost of $453 million while Obama requested 330 projects totaling $931.3 million, according to his Senate website where he discloses all his requests.

Also for those who think all Alaska Taxes are low (yes they have not personal income tax, but they still have business income tax AND property tax), here is a site that compares all states:
Property taxes: Where does your state rank?

One more sickening media myth is that Palin is not qualified to lead the country; What and Obama is??
Quite bluntly Palin has the edge in life accomplishments, but please look at this article (republished from the Associated Press) and judge for yourself:
Comparing Obama's, Palin's accomplishments; by The Associated Press

Finally, this talk about Palin’s earmarks is just more proof of media bias and liberals hiding their head in the sand, as although their is no denying that Sarah Palin has been feeding at the trough, she is but a piglet compared to Barak Obama and his cohorts who even admit to growing government and thinking more government is good. This is like saying someone how has shoplifted a few times (Palin) is the same as a career bank robber (Obama and his buddies).

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