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The Ignorance of the Left

The Ignorance of the Left such as Barack Obama, Senator Harry Reid (& even some in the Religious Right).

I am just so baffled how some can be so ignorant (I am not saying stupid, and even here loath to be name calling but I see no other alternative) of the evil that we face in this world that means to destroy us. The hatred of the USA, Great Britain, Israel and others can easily be tracked back to World War II.

Adolph Hitler Met with Arab Muslim Grand Mufti Amin Al Hus (of Jerusalem) in the early 1940s of which his hatred of the USA, Israel was made very clear. This man worked with Hitler and after the fall of the Third Reich continued on in this mission including the first attacks on the newly restored nation of Israel.
The Grand Mufti Amin Al Hus passed the torch to many other Muslin extremists such as the leaders of Hezbollah, Iran, even Saddam Hussein.

Yet persons such as Barack Obama cannot see this and the dangers we truly face as he thinks he can appease those who demand our destruction. His comments about McCain in the last week of February 2008 about the war in Iraq displayed this ignorance further.

However the Religious right is also not immune from this ignorance, the same sort of cult following of Barack Obama is also enjoyed by Governor Huckabee (not quite to the same extreme and he at least has shown some understanding of a few issues).
Dobson and other backers of Huckabee seem to ignore the "hide your head in the sand" attitude of Huckabee since he is “correct” on a few issues.

Unfortunately my own life experience screams out the sad tale of this view to back off and “let God” when that is not what the Bible says.
God does want us to love our enemy, but we are also called to stand up for what is right, NOT to trust those who do not seek forgiveness (I am referring to others who seek harm against others either violently or through misinformation/rumors, NOT to judgments that are the Lord’s on certain choices in life).

This looking the other way happened in Nazi occupied Europe and has also allowed many to destroy my life and to this day continue in lies about me.

Back to the far left, I believe they have the few hide your head in the sand persons on the far right beat hands down though. I personally cannot find anything redeeming about Harry Reid, I am sorry to say you have to have no discernment to not come to the conclusion that this man is downright Evil.

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