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McCain, Huckabee; Baptist Hypocrisy

McCain/Huckabee; possible GOP Ticket?

I find the dishonesty between McCain and Huckabee about their back room deal for West Virginia really disgusting, especially considering Huckabee is supposed to be a “man of faith”. However this is also not a surprise to me either based on how many Evangelicals act (of coarse not all).
The attacks by Evangelicals on Romney are ridiculous and this is also more proof of the hate that Baptists have for others that do not fit their image.

Huckabee is a one issue candidate and I really doubt his views are any better than anything Romney believes yet this does not matter to so many as image is everything to so many Evangelicals. Worse Huckabee comes across a typical “hide your head in the sand” or “hear no evil, see no evil” Evangelical based on his world views (as to the dangers and intentions of Terrorists) and even his social views.
If you want to get down to religion even though I have disagreements with Mormons on many theological issues, who really embraces the spirit of Luke 10:25-37, Mormons or many of Huckabee’s ilk? Personally as the leader of the United States I would prefer the prior based on this passage alone.
See: Standing for the truth; spirit of Luke 10:25-37

Sadly when commenting on an official Huckabee website about his actions against Romney and his carefully crafted image, his minions attacked me on a personal level that showed that they did not even read my "Bio" page that I posted with my comment that showed where I had been in life and where many Baptists with his views turned their backs on my family.
See: My Bio

Sadly, so typical of persons of his/their ilk!

I am not an Evangelical (I used to be) but after witnessing the hypocrisy and down right evils in Baptist Churches in particular (try and convince a Baptist of the importance of Luke 10:25-37 and they totally miss the point as image is everything)., minionswith Huckabee on the ticket.
That said I could even vote for Clinton, knowing that her abrasive personality will not get everything done that she wants. And at least what you see is what you get with her.

On the flip side an Obama candidacy might make me still vote for this combination as he has been as bad as Huckabee at pulling the wool over Democrat’s eyes as Huckabee. With his slick personality I worry much more about him than Hillary not to mention when it comes to dealing with terrorist threats she has at least demonstrated in the past some sense of the dangers while he has not.

At another forum I frequent another stated just this same sediment that he actually scares him more as he is well left of her in his socialist views and his slickness allows him to get away with this which in my opinion makes him a far more dangerous person than Hillary despite what many conservative say (even Rush Limbaugh).
As well, disliking Obama more than Hillary does not make me a racist despite what a person who blindly supports Huckabee accused me of in a forum (this is what Huckabee has in common with Obama; slick packages with some bad ingredients inside).
Reference this website for more about Obama and that he is not what he may seem to be: Obama's Alinsky Jujitsu

Even my local Republican politicians (past/present) show similar arrogance based on their so-called faith and will look the other way when truths are presented to them that they do not want to hear based on the image they want to project.

It is looking like I will not be voting for a single Republican on the ballot (local/national) for the first time in my life, although if McCain can mend fences with Romney or tap Thompson for VP, I still may vote Republican at least for President.

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