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Solar Activity- & Man-Made Global Warming

I am just dumbfounded how so many persons can believe such an obvious lie as Global Warming. This scares me far more for our children’s future than the possible Global Warming as being this naive can allow so many other even worse evils into our world.
However based on my own personal experience, this naïve allowing of lies to perpetuate has already begun in other aspects of life where other fail to see truth and look to image as of more importance. See this blog for more on this subject:
My Thoughts

Solar activity, Global Warming
The Earth hit its peak warming of this cycle between 1998 and 2002 (and is heading down) and even then it never peaked as high as during the Medieval Warm period.
Every real scientific evidence points towards Sun spot activity as the cause of any real climate change.
What arrogance of man to think his tiny contributions of any kind can make this much difference (look at the billions spent fighting the Yellowstone fires in 1988 and a small September snowstorm was all it took to put these fires out).
Reference: The Human-Caused Global Warming Myth

What the Man-Made Global Warming Crowd keep this myth alive is doing is to only use urban data then extrapolate this to raw rural data that actually shows cooling.

Here is Oregon we have had two years in a row with snow where snow does not normally fall (and not just one snow fall either). Then there is China and the Middle East (Israel, Jordon, Lebanon)also experiencing similar unusual cold waves.
Admittedly this is anecdotal, but so is much of the manipulated evidence presented by the Man Made Global Warming crowd.

Here is Oregon we have had two years in a row with snow where snow does not normally fall (and not just one snow fall either). Then there is China and the Middle East also experiencing similar unusual cold waves.

For my other Man-Made Global Warming Posts:
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Here is an awesome resource with credible links to data showing a reversal in global Warming:
January 2008 - 4 sources say “globally cooler” in the past 12 months

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Huckabee Evangelical vote

Huckabee wins Iowa with Evangelical vote.

Huckabee, Thompson, Romney
Huckabees huge victory among Evangelical Christians just further alienates me from the Republican Party (for which I am currently a member, although I do not know for how much longer).
As a Christian myself, I refuse to go along with the one issue politics of Huckabee and Evangelicals. Huckabee is not on par with many core beliefs of Republicans (myself included) and my own experience with Evangelicals both in general and politically has shown them to be very hypocritical “Sunday Christians”, which I have discussed in other blog; “My Thoughts”.

I agree with Huckabee as to abortion and Creationism, however even here I a leery of him as even the I oppose abortion in principle, I know many good Christians that have been alienated due to the stigma attached to a decision to have an abortion and his approach seems to be rather hard line here (I could be wrong). The same goes for creationism as even though I have never scientifically “bought” into evolution, even long before becoming a Christian, I still believe in all views being taught and although I believe Huckabees position is similar, I again somewhat leery of him here based on his rhetoric.

Back to Huckabee’s other views and history, I find them rather socialist (not that all my views are right wing either), but from his view on National Defense (where I think he is rather “hide your head in the sand” about) to domestic issues I have part ways.

Also the Evangelical disdain of Romney simply because of his Mormon faith further disgusts me. This is interesting as Mormon growth in Massachusetts stagnated during his tenure there as Governor, so much for using his power as a governor or president as a bully pulpit.

I hope that either Thompson or Romney can prove Iowa wrong, if Huckabee wins the nomination, I am NOT voting Republican (which I am not on my local candidates anyway, see an earlier post in this blog as to one reason: “Oregon Food Stamps”).

Speaking of this issue (Food Stamps), some may say I am looking for a hand out here, far from this, I just want politicians to stand up for what is right and just and NOT give out hand outs to those un-willing to work for them. I work 80 + hours per week and am the primary caregiver in my home as well and only expect help from the government as to what they have promised, not to mention the $1000s of tax dollars I have contributed over the years, never even tapping any government “freebies”.

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