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Saltwater as a fuel

Saltwater as a fuel, fuel cell, or energy source.

This video about an experiment that started as a cancer treatment experiment is very interesting, although the separation of Hydrogen and oxygen in saltwater is not unknown.

I do have a couple of observations that have not been answered by all the amazement by the media:

(1) What frequency of radio waves are required?

(2) More importantly, what is the energy input (ie radio waves) required to start this process. Also what then is the output of energy? In other words if the input is say 100 K and the output is 50 K, this would not be very efficient.
I guess I don’t see this as a viable source of energy for a vehicle as the mechanism to run the radio wave generator will require its own energy source.

This may be a step in the direction, however realistic criticism is necessary to keep in check good ideas in theory but are unrealistic in application as so often happens today especially once the media gets a hold of an idea (which is generally clueless when it comes to differencing theory from fact).

I do hope this can work where it may be more practical such as an electrical power plant that utilizes solar or some other power source to generate radio waves.
My understanding of E=MC2 tells me that there are certainly possibilities here and I hope my doubting can be proven wrong (although the second law of thermodynamics does not give me much hope).

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