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D-Day Prayer, F.D. Roosevelt; Compare to Obama Apologize for America

I found this D-Day prayer written by President Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR) as Allied troops were invading German-occupied France & Europe during World War II very moving. Considering the political correctness of today that does not allow prayer in many places, this is particularly poignant. We are today fighting an evil as horrible as Nazi Germany that seeks our destruction and is every bit as anti Semitic as Nazi Germany.
Reference: Occupy Wall Street; anti Semitic

The prayer was read to the nation on radio on the evening of D-Day, June 6, 1944, while American, British and Canadian troops were fighting to establish beach heads on the coast of Normandy in France.

This is unlike our disgusting President Obama who feels the need to apologize for our nation that while we have made many mistakes, we as a nation have liberated many at great personal costs.

Obama, Normandy, Apologzie for America Tour

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Global Warming Part 3

The arrogance of many such as Al Gore and his religious zeal in enforcing the Church of Global Warming still amazes me (reminds me of how the Church reacted to Galileo and his statement that the Earth revolved around the sun, which at the time contradicted the established science of the day).

Who also is to say that are current climate is best? The Vikings certainly enjoyed the vastly warmer climate of their day. Now I am not advocating purposefully heating the planet to achieve this, I also question the religious like prosecution of the data available and disposing of facts that do not fit the model and socialist agenda.
False or distorted information has become an epidemic in this country and not just here, but in my profession as well where anecdotal facts and hypothesis pose as facts.

We as citizens of this planet certainly have a stewardship obligation, however the amount of CO2 produced and currently in the atmosphere is a fraction of the total atmosphere at 380 ppm.

Here is a table of elements in the atmosphere:

Gas Volume;

Nitrogen (N2) 780,840 ppm (78.084%)
Oxygen (O2) 209,460 ppm (20.946%)
Argon (Ar) 9,340 ppmv (0.9340%)
Carbon dioxide (CO2) 383 ppmv (0.0383%)
Neon (Ne) 18.18 ppmv
Helium (He) 5.24 ppmv
Methane (CH4) 1.745 ppmv
Krypton (Kr) 1.14 ppmv
Hydrogen (H2) 0.55 ppmv
Water vapor (H2O) ~0.25% over full atmosphere, typically 1% to 4% near surface

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