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Google Adsense Dishonesty, corruption in Adwords content

For a newer more relevant post in this subject, please see this article/blog post:
Google Dishonesty, Plagiarism, with Adsense, Adwords, & More

I have never seen good results with our Adwords content ads and as I have investigated and searched the Google network I know why, the content they (Google) placed these ads on is very poor.
I have found ads for Shell wind Chimes on blogs with nothing more than some alluding to wind in their blog. But the worst part is quality sites such as my own (I know this from VERY positive feedback) are turned down for Adsense ads.

My website has a lot of content, good PR and has been around a while. Apparently Google figures there is a better chance of clicks on these sites as frustrated readers are looking for more than someone’s life editorial, which is why my 'clicks' are high but conversions are almost nil.

This is business corruption at its worst and quite frankly if it were not for the fact that Google is the 800 lb. Gorilla where by I must be present with adwords to be noticed in searches.
I would not advertise here at all, and at that I try and keep my advertising budget to the bare minimums with Google based on Google' business practices and place more ads elsewhere where there are more business morals in place.

But then I have also had to face the fact that my Adwords search ads do have better exposure. I also should note that even where my organic listing are high such as with my Aquarium Lighting Information, UV Bulbs, or Aquarium Silicone page, the Adwords listing also tends to boost my conversion there too. Reference Links:

What bothers me too, is that with so much corruption in business (and other aspects of life, from Religion to Government), is that nobody gives a #@1# about Google's business moral, or lack there of.
In another blog I commented about the fact that Google has gone to one extreme of business management (as many business treat there employees like dirt), they tend to treat their employees as royalty to a point that they look down on anyone who questions anything about the "great and mighty Google" when I have tried to fix things from Google Adwords, to Blogger, to Google CheckOut, to the most corrupt bunch at Google; ADSENSE.

By the way I think the ideas behind many of the before mentioned Google products are good, especially Blogger and Google CheckOut, it is just how Google handles them and treats customers.

In this comment I made, someone came to the defense of Adsense claiming how many little people have made a living or at least part time revenue from Adsense.

My answer; so what!!
What about businesses such as mine that have been ripped off in the content network and also have had Adsense accounts taken from them (including pending earnings) after Adsense disabled their account when someone got bored somewhere and decided to go on a clicking frenzy?

Google has the technology to detect these fraudulent clicks computer addresses and remove them and needs not do the heavy handed disabling of a legitimate business, which of course Google Profits from.
I guarantee you if someone went crazy and started clicking a high PR pet site of Googles such as http://www.cadenhead.org/workbench/, Google would NEVER disable this account (which I can bet delivers a lot of revenue to Google Adsense).

Also I have had many of my Aquarium research articles ripped off by others only to display Google Adwords and these plagiarized articles ONLY place high in Google Search, not MSN or Yahoo (go figure, huh) which spot these rip offs much better than Google.

I could go on more about the many lies as to link relevance an other aspects of Googles search engine which are all directed at maximizing profit at ALL costs, no matter how dishonest the results.
I will someday post more about this subject.

This post was found at this blog: "Aaron Swartz; sociologist in exile". His blog "Raw Thought" has some interesting reading and comments, not many I agree with but they are worth while to see other points of view.

The post I found eye opening was "The Google Life": how Google keeps employees by treating them like kids"

Copyright 2009 Carl Strohmeyer

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Blogger Unknown said...

Even though it has a nice search engine rank, Workbench doesn't make money. I run it for fun because it's my personal blog.

6:22 AM  
Blogger Carl said...

I stand corrected as to the financial gain of Workbench as per the last comment. However I stand by my statement that Google looks at certain sites differently based on monetary and political agendas. (My site and experiences are proof alone). I will also state that even though I believe in the general principle of Capitalism (I have been a business owner and manager for over two decades) that Google shows one of the more dark sides of Capitalism at its worst; and that is Capitalism driven by subjective moral values rather than doing what is right (which is why I am in the situation I am in with my family and business, as doing what is right in this country rarely means anything anymore and Google is the poster child of this based on the un adulterated love for such a despicable company).

7:33 AM  

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