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Most of the subjects are based on reading and study and well as real life experiences (my field is aquarium and pond research and information as well as business)

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Where is integrity any more?

Where is integrity any more?

I have been in the business community for 27+ years with a brief hiatus working at a Candy factory.
I frequent several aquatic forums (and some non aquatic too, although I tend to lurk more in these forums). But what gets me is the dishonesty and flaming that goes on in these forums. The worst is the Usenet followed closely by Yahoo Answers.
When I post, I back up my statements not only by experience, but I do current research to back up my statements, in fact my constant research often forces me to change my opinions when confronted by new evidence. Much of the research I do starts with human studies as there is much more money for good research and much less anecdotal so called facts being thrown around as there is in the aquatics research.
Yet, when I lay out current research and my experience I get flamed or my integrity is brought into question. Yes I do hope to get more business through person finding help in my answers, but I often push persons towards other sites too or their local fish stores.

If I really was in this for the money, I would not be living in a 900 square foot shack in Grants Pass with no insulation (I moved from a profitable business in LA for my family, not me).

Examples of these flames include being told that UV Sterilization had no place being discussed in a Freshwater forum in a discussion about goldfish. My own research show vastly improved health in goldfish aquariums when UV sterilization is used. My motives and integrity were both questioned here.

Yet in this very forum, CO2 generators are openly discussed. These devices, like UV Sterilizers are not essential in aquariums. In reading about CO2 generators, a novice may assume that it is impossible to keep plants without them, which is not true even though a CO2 generator does improve the plant growth in the aquarium.
UV sterilizers also are not essential, but they do help aquarists keep a healthy aquarium, not just by virtue of disease sterilization, but the improvements in the Redox Potential which newer research has shown to be an important factor in the water quality.
Reference: http://www.americanaquariumproducts.com/Redox_Potential.html

It is noteworthy that UV sterilizers are easier than CO2 generators to install and maintain and add more benefits (and not just in healthier fish, but in the aquarist’s pocketbook in less fish losses).
Also in these groups I see sites promoted that sale poor quality UVs (the kind that give UVs a bad name), as well as outdated pumps such as Hagen Power Heads instead of quality pumps such as the Rio Pumps.
See product reference link: http://www.americanaquariumproducts.com/RioPlusPumps.html

While again, if I dare promote products that are inexpensive and really work such as Wonder Shells, I get flamed.

I guess I should not be surprised, I have had too fight for any respect all my life starting in the fourth grade and the only respect I ever gained (in my aquarium service business and even more in the Aviation community as I was working on my commercial pilots license), I walked away from due to family problems to protect my wife and daughter where none of my church friends would help or support me.

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