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What the Republicans need to do to win back the Congress

This is my opinion what the Republicans need to do to win back the Congress:

Gordon Anderson (R-OR); Good man, however typifies Republican arrogance problems.

• Lose the arrogance.

To often Republican leaders lose touch with little guy, my local State Representative just stepped down, but while in office he had an attitude of arrogance when disagreed with on issues and would attack the source rather than truly discuss the issue. He also really looked down on the youth in our community. Thankfully he is being replaced by a more humble Republican man.

• Image is not everything, in fact it should be number 3 or less:

Often politicians and businesses put image first (real common in our area). Truth should come first; People should come second (or first); Then maybe image (yes image does sell, politically and professionally).
Voters (and consumers) also need to honor those who do put truth and people above image. In my business, I have dropped major accounts do to poor treatment of my employees I have sent out in the field, I also have tried to sell only what I know works based on my testing in my maintenance business. But sadly I see politicians and businesses get rewarded for image and not honesty.

• Stand up for the Truth:

Sadly many politicians will not take a stand for the truth or at least what they believe is right. Joe Lieberman stood his ground against his own party and paid for it in the primary, but not in the general election. I do not agree on the majority of his views, but I have to give him credit here. What happens in my opinion is far left leaning politicians such as Nancy Pelosi get in power when no one Democrat or Republican stands up to them.

• Admit to not always being right:

Unfortunately Republicans are not always right (I sure make mistakes, wish I didn’t). Admit to mistakes.

• You cannot have it all:

This is where the Christian right gets into trouble, they will insist on 100% or nothing, such as no abortion-ever. Start with what you can get, such as a ban on partial birth abortion.
Governor Schwarzenegger is a good example of this, many Republican would not back him do to some more liberal views, but in my opinion, he was vastly better than the alternative.

Carl Strohmeyer


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