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The Main Stream Media, France & Israel

Updated 1/17/10

This just sickens me to hear about another UN resolution passed last week (week of Nov. 13, 2006) against Israel.
The resolution passed by a vote of 156 to 7 with six abstentions. Israel, the US, Australia, the Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Nauru and Palau voted against.
France lobbied heavily for this resolution.

Israeli UN ambassador Dan Gillerman had this to say about France: "If France was shelled from across the border, what would the French do? Would the French government send flowers to their attackers?
Well, by voting for this resolution you will be sending flowers to the terrorists, flowers which tomorrow will be laid on the grave of the next Israeli victim."

Part of the problem is the anti-Semitic attitude in France, both real and perceived.
“Two thirds of French people think that anti-Semitism is on the rise in France, despite recently released government statistics illustrating a downturn”.
As quoted in the article: Poll shows French believe in anti-Semitism rise .

Another issue is the Main Stream Media; I was watching the evening news and the way they reported the human shields was ridiculous.
These women are not heroes as the media portrayed them, but terrorists themselves by protecting these cowards who hide behind women and children.

A story about a missile attack on Israel (Nov. 16, 2006) was not even reported on the Main Stream Media outlets.
The town of Sderot is becoming a ghost town as rockets launched by the Palestinians continue to hit Israel.
A 57 year old mother of five became the sixth person in Sderot to be killed by Palestinian rocket attacks. 2 others were wounded, one critically.
This is also why the MSM in this country is out of control, they have portrayed the terrorists as people that if you just leave them alone (in Iraq and elsewhere) and give them Israel, all will be better.
Unfortunately, Evil does not give up that easily.

Of coarse Israel makes mistakes, but if anything Israel was much less heavy handed than usual last summer, which in many experts opinion, is why Israel met with limited success (reminds me off some of the US problems with trying to be too nice in Iraq).

Another reference for more information about the World wide campaign against Israel;

I would caution readers of donating to websites such as defendjerusalem.net which although it is very Pro Israel and "gets it right" in many areas concerning Israel, the author is a person that cannot be corrected and will believe in media lies when it fits his hateful views of certain individuals such as Rush Limbaugh.
Sadly he throws some of his biggest supporters under the bus when hate clouds his thinking process and as someone that has had his family suffer profusely from this exact problem of believing rumors about myself by persons I have helped considerably, I know the damage and evil that comes from this kind of hateful rhetoric.
Please avoid this website like the plague!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree! What I believe people need to learn is how to discern a mistake from a strategy. What are the benefits of a proportional response for Israel? It's a complicated and emotional issue, but the question remains one of legitimacy. Which side is attacking military targets and which side is targeting innocent civilians.

Thanks for the post on my blog! I'm switching to blogger, so please visit my new site.


2:10 PM  

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